New Templates Make Building Segments and Workflows Even Easier

Jocelyn Yale, Product Manager

Jocelyn Yale, Product Manager

Author Bio

A Bronto since 2011, with experience on both the Support and Professional Services teams and a background in Deliverability, Jocelyn is a subject matter expert in all things Bronto. She gets the credit (or the blame) for creating the Bronto Certified Specialist exam, and is still waiting for someone to get a perfect score!

Jocelyn joined Bronto's Product Management team as a Product Analyst in 2015, taking ownership of SMS and MMS offerings, as well as the database of feature requests and platform feedback. She’ll happily accept your requests via our Ideas forum. With her varied experience at Bronto, Jocelyn brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Product team and is excited about helping to shape the future of the Bronto platform.

Are you ready for a holiday surprise? It’s time to unwrap some brand new templates!

Shiny new Segment Templates and Workflow Templates are available in your account right now. They cover some of the most common use cases and strategy-suggested scenarios and offer a simple, one-click creation process.

The new Workflow templates use node labels and detailed descriptions to help you better understand each step in the process and the logic behind the connections. You can access the new templates in your Bronto account by going to Automation > Workflows. From there, you can view, edit, save and activate just as you would any other Workflow. Click on the Help option at the top of the page for more documentation on each template, which walks you through how to complete the Workflow, what items are editable, and even some strategic tips.

workflow templatesBut wait! There’s more!

We’ve also created 14 Segment Templates that are now available in your Bronto account under Tables > Segments. These templates work exactly the same as Workflow templates and use segment descriptions and rule-by-rule details.

segment templatesTIP: If you don’t see the same Segment Templates listed above, be sure to expand the table grid to show 15 rows instead of the standard 10.

As shown above, both Segments and Workflow pages include a Template grid toward the bottom. Each template includes a description of its intended purpose, as well as additional comments on each rule, criteria and node. Simply select the template you’d like to use, and click “Copy.” This will officially create the template in your account and bring it into the upper grid, where you can view, edit, save and activate just like you would any other Segment or Workflow.

Please Note: Segment Templates won’t calculate or refresh until after they’ve been copied. There’s no limit to how many times you can copy a template, so a clean version is only one click away if you want to return to the default settings.

Let us know what you think of the latest additions or if there are any other templates you’d like to see. We hope that these new templates will help you boost engagement, streamline your processes and get even more out of the BMP.

Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful New Year!


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