Maximize Gmail Inbox Placement With Our Deliverability Webinar Jan. 31

Paul Mirek

Paul Mirek

In our new white paper 2018 Trends: Predictions From Ecommerce Marketing Experts, thought leaders highlight why building a deeper relationship with your customers in 2018 will be essential to marketing success. But if your emails aren’t reaching your customers, even the best customer engagement strategy is dead on arrival.

Start 2018 off on the right foot: Join Director of Deliverability Chris Kolbenschlag and Senior Director of Client Services Kristen Morales on January 31 for our webinar Gmail Inbox Delivery and Domain Reputation: What You Need to Know Now.

In this webinar, Kolbenschlag and Morales will review the telltale signs of Gmail inbox delivery problems, how to check your domain reputation and how to build a positive Gmail reputation to drive revenue.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users as of February 2016, Gmail is the most popular email service in the world. That makes understanding the Gmail landscape and the keys to inbox delivery absolutely critical for email marketers.

Unlike many other ISPs, Gmail uses a domain-based system to monitor sending reputation – and industry trends suggest that other ISPs will soon follow suit. Gmail is also leading the way in other areas, including recently testing a new “Inbox Tip” that will ask consumers whether they want to unsubscribe from mailing lists that they haven’t responded to in a month. This feature will make it even more important for marketers to ensure that customers are not only receiving but actively engaging with their emails.

It’s Google’s world, and we just live in it. RSVP today and save the date for this can’t-miss webinar.


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