Connecting Email and Social Marketing: Welcome Socialite!


Damian Trzebunia

Socialite, Bronto’s newest app, lets you leverage the investment you’ve already made in social marketing to drive more engagement and revenue with email marketing – and vice versa. And you can drive this interplay between email and social marketing directly from within Bronto.

Check out some of the exciting ways you can use Socialite:

Facebook Audiences

Create an audience in Facebook based on a segment or list in Bronto and use it for ad retargeting. Target your existing customers with a Custom Audience, or create a Lookalike Audience for targeting new, potential customers. Membership is automatically updated over time so you no longer have to manually export and import files between platforms.


Facebook Tabs

Leverage your Facebook community to drive list growth by adding a custom tab to your Facebook Page, created right from within Bronto, for capturing email opt-ins and other contact data. Easily make changes in the drag-and-drop form builder and instantly publish to Facebook with the click of a button.


Instagram Shopping

Drive sales through beautiful imagery and hyper-engaged users. Promote products with Instagram posts and trigger ready-to-shop emails to interested users that “like” those specific posts. Track engagement and revenue to see your return and optimize bestsellers.


Twitter Cards

Send opt-ins and extra contact data from Twitter Lead Generation Cards directly into Bronto. Add those contacts to a list or even trigger an automated campaign workflow and track success metrics to see the impact on your list growth.



Track your progress across these different dimensions (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) with a beautiful dashboard that displays key metrics in the form of intuitive graphs and charts.

Socialite_DashboardLike Socialite? Let us know with a comment below.


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