90-Second Partner Intro: Loyalty Lion, Movable Ink, Persado, SLI Systems, Tryzens Group, Yotpo


Waynette Tubbs

One of the fun parts of last week’s Commerce Marketing Spotlight in London was the chance to hear from the partners who sponsored the event. We learned a lot about how they help retailers get closer and learn from their customers – and to sweeten the deal, they gave away some pretty spectacular prizes, like a three-course meal for two and a Glider Flight Experience – whoa! We all left feeling like winners, though, after learning about some new ways to work with customers. Here are my takeaways:

Loyalty Lion helps ecommerce stores create their own loyalty and engagement programs. Supported by platforms including Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. And they’re trusted by thousands of ecommerce brands around the world.

How they do it:

Loyalty Lion works with partner platforms to be a complete loyalty solution by:

  • Adding a custom loyalty program and increasing customer engagement, retention and spend.
  • Gaining customer insights: Identify loyal customers, those at risk and those who need winning back.
  • Integrating with Bronto so you can use loyalty data to segment customers and personalize emails.

Optimization. Loyalty Lion offers two main services: Loyalty Program and Ecommerce Insights. Stores using LoyaltyLion see 6% of their total revenue delivered by the loyalty software. They also experience a 15% increase in repeat purchases and 11% increase in retention.

Movable Ink works with email marketers to take email performance to the next level through software that activates data to generate intelligent content at the moment of open. Founded in 2010, Movable Ink focuses on making content personalized and creative for any email platform.

How they do it:

  • Movable Ink creates compelling email content using any content, data and business logic.
  • Use customer behaviors, preferences and real-time context to drive performance and engagement.
  • Make every email the best with inline A/B testing and real-time creative optimization.

Persado is the leading provider of AI-generated marketing language for the most innovative brands. The Persado Marketing LanguageCloud leverages machine learning algorithms and the largest database of marketing language in the world to help marketers identify the language and emotions that resonate with audiences at scale, driving significant uplift in engagement and conversions. Use Persado in conjunction with the Bronto Marketing Platform to unlock the power of emotions and language for your email subject lines.

How they do it:

  • Eliminate creative limitation and bias from the message development process that hinders performance.
  • Use artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate content that maximizes engagement with any audience, at scale.
  • Gain insight into the linguistic variables (such as emotions, call to actions and product features) that inspire your customers to act.

SLI Systems enables ecommerce retailers to increase sales by connecting shoppers with the products they’re most likely to buy. With patented Learning Search® technology that learns from the behavior of real site visitors, SLI delivers site search, navigation, merchandising, mobile, recommendations and SEO solutions that arm retailers with the tools they need for rapid growth. SLI Systems is the most chosen SaaS-based site search provider to US Internet Retailer Top 1000 retailers and operates on five continents. 

How they do it:

  • Makes search and navigation so intuitive for users they’ll think you read their minds.
  • Delivers increased conversions, order values and site traffic, along with decreased bounces.
  • Provides insight into shoppers’ behavior so you can continually improve your merchandising.

Tryzen’s Group plans, implements and maintains ecommerce systems, optimizing retail performance through systems and services. They enable clients to leverage efficient, effective and reliable retail solutions that carry the promise of a positive and unified experience that builds loyalty and drives growth. From concept to positive outcomes, Tryzen’s offer a range of services to support their clients throughout their multi-channel development. Founded in 2004, Tryzen’s is trusted by retail’s biggest names.

How they do it:

  • They are platform and technology agnostic – so they only recommend the right products for customer requirements.
  • Their fully proactive managed services ensure you are always up and running.
  • TradeState, their dedicated IP, enables measurement and analysis of your ecommerce performance.

Yotpo helps customers acquire, convert, retain and understand customers through authentic user-generated content. Turn trust into sales and turn visitors into shoppers by making customers your biggest marketing asset. Partnerships with Google, facebook, Instagram and other social marketing channels help bring user generated content from every marketing channel to your site.

How they do it:

  • They collect content: Customer photos, reviews, Q&A and more.
  • By displaying this content on site and off, you build shopper trust and increase conversion.
  • Gain insights from user generated content and make data-driven decisions using their dashboard and analytics.

Let your account manager know if you have any questions or would like to be introduced to these or any of our fine partners. Thanks again to Loyalty Lion, Movable Ink, Persado, SLI Systems, Tryzens Group, Yotpo for sponsoring the London Commerce Marketing Spotlight. Be sure to attend an upcoming Commerce Marketing Spotlight in Los Angeles, Sydney or Melbourne.

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