Susan Wall Named B2B Innovator by Demand Gen Report

Cain Twyman

Cain Twyman

It’s been a whirlwind award season this year and there are no signs of things slowing down! We’re excited to announce that VP of Marketing, Susan Wall, has once again been recognized as a leader and innovator, and has appropriately been named a winner in Demand Gen Reports’ inaugural B2B Innovator Awards in the C-Suite Strategy category.

The B2B Innovator Awards recognize executives for thinking outside of the box and helping to develop and foster innovative strategies within their organizations and the industry at large. These are CMOs that truly understand and apply performance marketing and revenue marketing, and we’re thrilled (but not surprised) that Susan was named among the winners.

Strong Leadership

Since starting with Bronto over 10 years ago, Susan has been vital to our success and growth as a company.

As VP of Marketing, Susan has a lot going on: She is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy and leads all revenue marketing, customer marketing, branding and positioning initiatives.

One of her most successful initiatives was spearheading the implementation and refinement of Bronto’s revenue cycle methodology, which bridges the gap between sales and marketing. While some companies may find discord between divisions, Susan created harmony, bringing together multiple departments, including sales, marketing and finance, to collaborate daily to make the revenue cycle work.

Of course, Sales and Marketing are still separate departments, but the daily collaboration keeps us all working together toward the same goals at every stage of the revenue process.

Commitment to Innovation

Bronto was founded with several guiding principles. One of those is “if you can’t measure it, don’t do it,” which means every action is taken with a specific measurable goal in mind. That principle guides us every day as we pursue constant improvement and learning.

Susan understands that innovation is vital to industry and for B2B success, and that remaining stagnant is simply not an option. “The marketplace is dynamic, constantly changing,” says Wall. “We must embrace constant testing and learn about what works best to fit the current market conditions.”

Susan is also a strong proponent of our unique employee-focused culture and is one of the proudest members of the Bronto Nation.

Even through two major acquisitions, Susan remained committed to the fun and transparent atmosphere we have cultivated over the years. She recently coined the phrase, “ABAB – Always Be A Bronto,” encouraging employees to always personify the values Bronto holds true.

Congratulations once again, Susan! Your leadership and dedication to Bronto’s success are truly inspiring. We know this isn’t your first award and we’re confident it won’t be your last.


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