A Mobile-Minded Approach to Holiday Marketing


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Guidance is a customer-centric commerce service provider dedicated to growth-oriented mid-market and enterprise branded manufacturers and merchants in both B2C and B2B with industry leading practices in multi-channel retail strategies, mobile, customer experience, innovative design, and complex system integration.

For many of us, it’s back to school time. We’re starting to shop for supplies and getting our little learners ready for the new year. But while the calendar may already be filling up with extracurricular activities, online marketers know that it’s also the perfect time for a website audit. In particular, it’s time to see if your online store is mobile-ready for the holiday season.

Mobile commerce has arrived. It impacts all sales channels, and the market is trending toward a “mobile-only” reality. In fact, Google states that more than 60% of all shopping begins on a mobile device, and some predict that shoppers will place more orders on phones than any other device by the end of 2017. Here are a few tips to ready your team – and your site – to capture and convert those mobile shoppers:

Mobile Carts Are the New Wish Lists

According to Bronto’s Consumers Tell All research, 73% of online shoppers use their shopping cart to store items to buy later. And with the number of online shopping carts steadily increasing, thanks in large part to those created via a mobile device, the time is ripe for mobile conversion numbers to catapult through the roof.

Wish lists are great tools for online marketers. They help measure product interest and enable you to target customers with personalized promotions and recommendations. Leverage this opportunity by deploying behavior-triggered email campaigns that provide value to your customers by reminding them of their mobile cart “wish list.”  During the holiday season, customers are harried and will be happy with the reminder to help get their holiday shopping done.

Johnny Was, a joint Bronto-Guidance customer, realized a 14% increase in conversion on their website by enabling triggered shopping cart reminder emails that linked directly back to the cart.

It’s No Longer ‘Ecommerce,’ It’s Just Commerce

Mobile’s ease of use and convenience play a large role in this shift. It’s no longer just about mobile, but also in-store sales and in-store customer behavior.

A recent study by Deloitte revealed that close to $1 trillion of in-store sales resulted from a shopper’s use of a web-enabled mobile device. Digital marketers should not overlook this prospect for the upcoming holiday season.

Another of our clients, Charming Charlie, capitalized on this trend last holiday season and netted great success. The company used affiliate partners, such as Retail Me Not, to push mobile offer notifications to potential customers as they entered geo-fenced store locations, such as mall parking lots. These digital offers:

  • kept Charming Charlie top of mind when it mattered;
  • converted millions in sales; and,
  • drove thousands of new customers to the brand.

Avoid DOD: Desktop-Only Disorder

Look beyond the desktop UX and conversion, and research your customers’ path to purchase on mobile.

Is it easy? Frustrating? Are you missing key mobile marketing and merchandising opportunities?  Understand what your customer needs at every moment and document it.

Armed with this information, start shifting your organization now to fill those gaps and create roles focused on mobile. Adjust your merchandising processes for mobile to prep for those holiday promotions. Make sure your team is not just using desktop computers to view how they are merchandising your site but also experiencing it first and foremost through mobile devices, as that’s how the majority of your customers are now viewing your website. And modify your sales-incentive programs to reward your team for cross-channel sales during and after the holidays.

Your summer and back-to-school campaigns may be keeping you busy now, but don’t forget to prepare well in advance for the holidays. It’s never too early to begin strategizing about how you can compete and win in the race for Cyber Monday and Cyber Week sales.

Good luck! We wish you great joy for the upcoming holiday shopping season!

To learn more about Guidance, visit our website.

For more on preparing for the holiday season, visit Bronto’s Holiday Marketing Academy.


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