‘Tis the Season to Jumpstart Your Holiday Ecommerce Program

Scotlyn Campanella, Marketing Associate

Scotlyn Campanella, Marketing Associate

The holiday season is around the corner and it’s time to make your plans and check them twice! We’ve asked five ecommerce experts to share their top tips to driving revenue this holiday season. From optimizing site traffic to paid media retargeting, we’re sharing powerful strategies to elevate your holiday marketing.

SEO-Ho-Ho: 4 Tips for On-Page Holiday Search Optimization

The festive season is nearly here, and what better gift could your store receive than increased traffic? Read on to learn how to get your site ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Optimize your metadata, Google Ads, and on-site content by targeting long-tail keywords, the three or four keyword phrases specific to your products and the season. They have lower search volume, but when searchers use these highly specific phrases, they tend to be in the buying mindset — so the terms have a higher chance of yielding a holiday purchase.

Conduct a site speed test, then act on its results. While speed doesn’t actually drive traffic, it lowers bounce rates and is an important mobile-first ranking factor. People buying last-minute holiday gifts don’t have time to wait for your site to load — it needs to be as fast as Santa’s reindeer!

Fix crawl errors in Google Search Console and update your sitemap to reflect the current version. If you’ve built a holiday landing page, you’ll want it indexed so people can find it.

And when the festive season is over, don’t delete your seasonal landing pages: Leave them live, and simply update the content so you can build authority and rank for key terms over time. To learn more about Eastside Co., visit their website.

How to Effectively Retarget Using Paid Media During the Holiday Season

Despite best efforts, high cart abandonment rates continue to loom over ecommerce sites – around 70% of carts will be abandoned before a consumer converts.  Unfortunately, this trend only increases during the holidays when shoppers are hunting for the best deals online.

Luckily, dynamic retargeting puts consumers back on the path to purchase. You can set up remarketing scripts to run on various platforms. The most sophisticated (and high-converting) platforms continue to be Google Ads and Facebook (which includes Instagram).

After installing the proper scripts to your ecommerce site, you can start serving ads based on items shoppers have previously visited on your site. These ads will be served as they browse the internet and their social networks.

Even if your online store is engaging and inviting, you can’t stop some visitors from bouncing. What you can do is set up retargeting ads to work behind the scenes to keep your brand in front of consumers until they make a purchase.

Here’s How Brands Can Increase Their Instagram Sales This Holiday Season

No longer a platform for pictures of sunsets, selfies and food, Instagram’s ecommerce power is a force marketers should reckon with for these reasons:

  • Instagram’s ad spend is growing at 4x the rate of Facebook, which means thousands of emerging brands are quickly scaling their efforts through platform-specific growth strategies.
  • Consumers love Instagram’s visual-centric and decluttered feed, which makes it a perfect platform for brands to build awareness around their products with features like Shopping on Instagram, where followers can browse and buy products without leaving the app.

Brands wanting to maximize their Instagram results should:

  • Invest in high-quality product imagery.
  • Use engagement-focused and shoppable content in organic posts and Instagram stories.
  • Use user-generated content that speaks to how real users love your products.
  • Try special offers prompting Instagram followers to tag their friends to be entered for a chance to win a prize – which can help get your business in front of new audiences during the competitive holiday season.

Holiday Partner Blog: Low-Hanging Fruit to Pick Over the Holidays

You’re already in the midst of your holiday strategy, but as a reminder, here are three tips for customizing product categories based on customer interests and price sensitivity:

  • Curate your product offering, like a “Gifts for the Tech Junkie” campaign for housing electronics goods.
  • Split your product offering into pricing tiers for shopping ease, such as: “Gifts Under $100.”
  • Consider a loss leader to get customers through the door. There’s a chance they’ll pick something else up.

Headlines and Important Calls to Action (CTA)

Use your website header to communicate things like free gift wrapping or free delivery, which will help encourage customers to buy on your site. Make sure these CTAs are present on all pages throughout your site.

Contact Information

Accessible contact information and live chat is critical, especially during the holiday season. Make these details clear. And don’t leave any doubt in the customer’s mind regarding delivery timeframes or return options.

Ease Friction on the Journey to Checkout for Holiday Success

Adding pay-over-time financing options during the online checkout process has served as a major step in removing payment barriers for Bread’s customers.

“Holiday e-commerce sales are forecasted at over $120 billion,” said Julie Butensky, Bread’s Head of Partnerships. The easiest way for retailers to lose their share of holiday revenues is friction along the online journey – particularly for large purchases.”

Consumers value convenience, control and optionality when shopping online, so giving them a simple path to checkout is vital, according to Bread. With financing solutions, retailers can elevate their sales potential by as much as 61% in Average Order Value and convert more ecommerce sales over the holidays.

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