Commerce Marketing Spotlight Series: Strategies for Holiday Success


Beth Perry

The Commerce Marketing Spotlight tour is winding down, but there’s still a chance to join us for a day of hands-on training, education in commerce marketing best practices and the opportunity to hear about firsthand challenges and successes from some of today’s top marketers.

We know not everyone can make it, so here’s a bit of free advice from some of our fabulous speakers.

Today’s topic: What is the most effective marketing strategy for a successful holiday season?

Kelsey Foy – Director, Retention Marketing, ELOQUII

Get ahead of planning! Understand which cohorts and segments typically over- or underperform during the holidays, and create a tailored experience based on what they’ve reacted to positively in the past.

Nick Garland Co-founder and Site Architect, The Block Shop

Holiday shoppers are either after an edgy new product or a bargain. So any successful marketing campaign should focus on those two elements but in the right way. Shoppers who want a bargain may not necessarily want to hear about the latest coolest products you have and vice versa. Communicating seamlessly to the customer across multiple channels in a personalized way is the real challenge here.

Dominique Perri Director, Yoko

Personalization is the most effective strategy. It’s also important to make sure the products you are selling are in demand by your audience and hard to find elsewhere.

Sophia Jin Marketing Manager,

Marketing traffic always spikes during the holiday season, so planning ahead and being consistent across all marketing channels is a key strategy for the later months of the year. Prep your consumers earlier rather than later, so that they do not have the opportunity to procrastinate. This way, they will get their packages in time!

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