The Commerce Marketer Podcast: How to Get Amazon Reviews & Why Your First 50 Matter


David Luther

Author Bio

Digital content strategist, content outreach specialist, content writer, SEO expert, and hot sauce aficionado.

Have you ever bought something on Amazon that had a 1-star rating – or no ratings at all? Me neither. Have you ever bought something on Amazon that you liked, but did not review it? Guilty as charged! Customer reviews can be critical to product success, especially when it comes to the first 10. But collecting them can be difficult.

In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I am joined by the CMO of Sellerlabs, Jeff Cohen. We are going to talk about strategies for collecting those first 50 ever-elusive Amazon product reviews. We’ll discuss under-utilized tactics, ways to add value for your customers, the Early Reviewer Program, what’s going to get you into trouble on Amazon, and more.

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