City Tour Thought Leadership Series: Engagement and Conversion


Beth Perry

The big day is almost here! Bronto City Tour stops in London on Thursday, and we couldn’t be more excited! But we know not everyone can join us, so we thought we’d bring a little of the experience (and our speakers’ expertise) to you.

As with our earlier post, we’ve posed a few questions to some of today’s top commerce marketers, who just happen to be speaking at the event this week. Here’s what they had to say about the importance of engagement and the best strategies for conversion.

At what stage of the customer lifecycle do you feel engagement is most important?

laura_santosLaura Santos Director, Sales & Marketing,

Trick question … all of the stages! You want to make a great first impression, keep the customer informed during research phases and keep them coming back for more after their first purchase is made. Your returning customers will fuel your new customer funding.

hannadalsmanHanna Dalsman – Digital Director, Dr. Denim

Our focus for creating engagement is great content for both pre- and post-purchase. We’re also firm believers in relationship-building. And the fact that our customers, most of whom are twenty-somethings with a gazillion options when it comes to who they trust with their money for something as important as the expression of their personal style, is also humbling. So how we approach them post-purchase makes a great difference. It’s where we can turn one-time buyers into devoted brand promoters by providing great support and service.

paul_mcdermott_portraitPaul McDermott Head of Ecommerce, Poundland Ltd

We don’t think there is a single point that’s more important. What really matters is the engagement must be tailored to where each customer is within that lifecycle journey. For customers who are new to the brand, we have to be fast and bold to explain our brand USPs. For browsers and shoppers, we focus on products and value and use a more “fun and friendly” personality. But customers who like us on Facebook are much more likely to get involved in longer and different conversations away from products and purchases.

With today’s ever-connected consumers, which channel has proven indispensable in terms of conversion? Why?

noelia_vx6xz3g_aNoelia Guinón E-Commerce Manager, Björn Borg

Email and search, but for different reasons. Search builds new traffic, while email is the #1 converter on returning visits.

paul_mcdermott_portraitPaul McDermott Head of Ecommerce, Poundland Ltd

That’s difficult for us to answer with numbers, but in all the customer research we’ve done, customers tell us that they simply like to research, browse and shop when and however they choose. Customers use mobiles to visit our website more than desktop and laptop computers, but the behaviour and duration is very different across devices. But it’s still a marketing mix. Each customer interaction has an effect that makes the sum greater than the parts. We don’t plan to get into the complexity of single customer view for some time.

laura_santosLaura Santos Director, Sales & Marketing,

Email, and not just saying that because this is a Bronto blog, but seriously, email. Although the devices have changed and other channels have been introduced over time, email marketing is not going away. It remains a proven revenue generator and will continue to evolve with the times.

What tactic works best for enticing shoppers to make that first purchase?

paul_mcdermott_portraitPaul McDermott Head of Ecommerce, Poundland Ltd

Our brand proposition is very simple, and we stick to our core values. We’re a discount and value retailer, most of our products are available for £1 each, we have great availability with a huge store network, and customers can choose to buy online for convenient home delivery. We lead with product, price and amazing value, and reinforce the shopping choice of stores and online.

noelia_vx6xz3g_aNoelia Guinón E-Commerce Manager, Björn Borg

Product uniqueness, referals and offers. At Björn Borg, we work with three focus keywords: Engage, Interact and Personalise. Everything we do is based on these, finding your reason for being is crucial in attracting the first time purchases.

laura_santosLaura Santos Director, Sales & Marketing,

Most people will say coupons, and there’s nothing wrong with that tactic, but don’t forget about the long tail game. Offer something that can provide value to the consumers, such as a downloadable white paper, special access to inside information, free samples, catalogs or any resource that will convince them you are the go-to expert.

Want to hear more from these and other industry thought leaders? There’s still time to register to join us in London!

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