Bronto’s Best Blog Posts of 2016


Beth Perry

Happy New Year! We hope 2016 was a smashing success for you and that you’re excited about what 2017 will bring.

As you dive into your marketing plan for the new year and continue mapping out what all you’d like to achieve between now and December, take a look back at some of our best posts from 2016. With everything from industry trends to proven best practices, there’s something to inspire every commerce marketer to optimize and re-energize your strategies this year.

Battle Browse Abandonment: Be a Virtual Concierge

Don’t just let shoppers skip out on your site! Encourage them to come back and buy with these best practices for an effective browse recovery email program.

The Globalization of Commerce is Coming

The new markets available today open up a world of possibilities for retailers, but not without some challenges. How does this new global economy affect your business?

Segmentation: Show Your Subscribers You Really Get Them

To make your messages stand out and encourage more opens, it’s important to get to know your subscribers. See how segmentation gives you a leg up.

Virtual Reality Brings the Fitting Room to Your Living Room

Virtual reality used to be the stuff of science fiction, but that’s all starting to change. See how retailers are using this technology to personalize the customer experience.

Be More Than Just a Like: Using Social in Your Email Marketing

See how to effectively combine your email marketing and social media strategies to encourage customer engagement and offer a better user experience.

Building Fans of Your Brand

Brand advocates are priceless. If you’re fortunate enough to earn them, you should make them a priority so they keep coming back for more.

Going Beyond the Pop-Up: 4 Creative Strategies for List Growth

Growing your list doesn’t have to be boring. Mix it up and have some fun with these tips to help you push the proverbial subscriber needle.

Mobile: It’s Not Just for Millennials Anymore

These days, a mobile-first approach is paramount in providing consumers with the shopping experience they expect. Is your brand ready?

Four Lessons B2C Marketers Can Learn From B2B

Retailers want to acquire customers for life, not just one sale. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this long-term goal with a few notes from the B2B playbook.

Lookalike Audiences: 3 Simple Steps to Grow Your VIPs

Every email address added to your list is not equal. Learn how to use lookalike audiences to attract new subscribers who will likely become your next VIPs.

The Secret to a Successful Commerce Strategy

Developing a sound commerce strategy can be daunting, particularly in this ever-changing digital age. So how do set yourself up for success?

What Will They Buy Next? Using Product Recommendations in Email

Product recommendations can take your emails to the next level and bring in additional revenue – but only if they’re done right.

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    Beth, I really liked all of your posts from last year but if I have to pick one, it would be “Be More Than Just a Like: Using Social in Your Email Marketing”. Good one!



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