Bronto Summit Blog Series: What Customers Really Want


Beth Perry

Bronto Summit 2017 is now just days away! We hope to see many of you in Vegas, but we know not everyone can join us for the big event. So we thought we’d bring a little of the experience (and our speakers’ expertise) to you.

We approached some of the top commerce marketers who will be presenting at Bronto Summit and asked for their thoughts on a few hot topics and industry tactics. See what they had to say last week about the challenges of ongoing engagement.

Today’s topic: What do consumers really want? What should marketers focus on to stay competitive?

Mark EstradaMark Estrada – CRM and Email Marketing Analyst, Lucky Brand

In my experience, consumers are looking for the most relevant one-to-one experience without feeling they are being manipulated by marketing. It’s much like dating – you expect your significant other to pay attention to your wants, interests and desires and act on them appropriately, but you don’t expect them to use that knowledge to take your money and badger you to no end. Marketers should focus on gathering data on their consumers, such as gender, product affinity and location, so that they can serve the most relevant, personalized messages and then pair that information with engagement data (opens, clicks, conversion rates) to determine when and how frequently to message particular segments. This way, you pair highly relevant data with highly engaged consumers, a strategy that results in higher conversion and fewer lost customers.

Adam Wolff – Marketing Analyst, Woodwind & Brasswind

If someone regularly interacts with your brand, they expect that you know a lot about them. Being able to collect and use customer data is imperative to delivering a unique, personalized experience across all of your customer’s touch points. Use the products a customer has purchased and viewed to serve them relevant products when you communicate with them and when they view your site.

Barbara Karpf – President, DecoratorsBest

We’re living and working in the age of customer-first marketing. Customers today feel empowered – they’re highly educated about what they want, and they let it be known in many ways. It’s up to us to hear them and respond to their needs. To stay competitive in this state of marketing flux, it’s essential to be flexible and listen carefully before trying to market something. What you think is right may not be what your customers really want, so test your ideas on social media before launching a campaign or product. Pay attention to your customers’ reactions and use them to tailor your campaigns to their preferences.

Jeffrey Grannis – Director of Digital, Juice Beauty

Customers are drawn to compelling and relevant storytelling. For Juice Beauty, that means she needs to know why she would choose organic beauty vs. conventional chemical brands. Once we have the messaging, we further amplify our mission to radically change the chemistry of beauty and push the clean beauty revolution through all appropriate social channels. Sometimes staying focused is being niche, so that is how we are able to stay relevant and competitive.

Steven Perissinotto – Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, VetShop Group

Consumers are busy. In terms of online retailers, the customer wants to easily find what they are looking for, check out quickly and have the product delivered fast and in perfect condition.

Scott Perry – Senior VP of Digital Marketing, Jerome’s Furniture

Our customers value transparency in pricing and quality products, so we ensure that our products are of the highest quality and offer a low-price policy. We never run sales – our products are always a good deal, whether it’s Fourth of July, Memorial Day or a typical Wednesday. Recently, we’ve seen more interest from consumers in the integrity and values of the business itself, particularly from the millennial generation. Share your brand’s story and offer details on the causes you support to give consumers more insight into who you are and what’s important to you.

Stephanie UrbanStephanie Urban Director of Digital Marketing, Tarte Cosmetics

Consumers want instant gratification. How can you connect, guide and fulfill their purchases as quickly and seamlessly as possible? How can you make the shopping experience more effortless for them?

Want more ideas and best practices from savvy commerce marketers like these? Stay tuned for more from our Bronto Summit Blog Series. And it’s not too late to join us April 24-27 in Vegas for Bronto Summit 2017. We have a great lineup this year, including Uri Minkoff, co-founder and CEO of fashion giant Rebecca Minkoff. We’d love to see you there!


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