Bronto Summit Blog Series: A Game Plan for Engagement


Beth Perry

Bronto Summit 2017 is almost here! While we hope to see many of you there, we know not everyone can join us in Las Vegas for the big event. So we wanted to bring a little of the experience (and our speakers’ expertise) to you.

We approached some of the top commerce marketers who will be presenting at Bronto Summit and asked for their thoughts on a few hot topics and industry tactics, and we’ll be sharing their responses here over the next few weeks.

First up, we asked about the best way to keep customers engaged with your brand all year round. Here’s what they had to say:·

Stephanie UrbanStephanie Urban Director of Digital Marketing, Tarte Cosmetics

We work cross-functionally to ensure we have the right marketing mix across channels. As a beauty brand, we want to keep her engaged by showing her ways to wear our products. How-to videos and social assets which saw high engagement can often be leveraged in other channels like paid social and email. We know that attention spans are short – so we want to tell shoppable product stories without distracting her too much.

Steven Perissinotto – Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, VetShop Group

When you remember what is important to your customer, the answer is easy. Content that addresses their concerns right now is what the customer has time to focus on. Don’t tell them about the latest summer trends when the snow is still falling!

Katie HansenKatie Hansen – Senior Manager of Retention Marketing, Tommy John

To keep our customers engaged, we are trying to put a larger focus on their individual journey with us. Historically, we’ve been very reliant on our weekly campaign emails as a way of engaging our customers. However, as we’ve grown, we’ve placed a larger priority on our triggered sends, as those speak to each customer based on where they are specifically in their customer lifecycle. The more a customer feels you are speaking to them directly, the more willing they are to remain loyal and engaged with your brand.

Jeffrey Grannis – Director of Digital, Juice Beauty

On the surface level, Juice Beauty has seasonal launches to keep her engaged and interested, but we also believe in incorporating our ethos in an organic lifestyle. We like to encourage her to educate herself on why organic is so important in beauty. The organic trend expands well beyond food – it’s now in many verticals, including beauty and eco-fashion.

Adam Wolff – Marketing Analyst, Woodwind & Brasswind

If your business is seasonal or revolves around established purchase cycles, sending quality content that is not focused on sales is a great way to stay top of mind with your customers. If you can incorporate the information you have on your customer into your messages and offer them highly relevant content in between purchases, they’ll be more likely to come back to you whenever they’re ready to purchase.

Barbara Karpf – President, DecoratorsBest

For us, email marketing is the most expedient way to keep customers engaged. We send out weekly emails and develop our ideas for the content based on our social media engagement with customers, mixing things up to keep customers interested. Sometimes, we’ll completely personalize a newsletter for a customer based on their profile, and sometimes we’ll feature a more general topic that we think will catch their attention.

Scott Perry – Senior VP of Digital Marketing, Jerome’s Furniture

It’s important to cast a wide net and be where your customers are. For us, that means having a presence on television, radio and YouTube to name a few. We also sponsor several professional sports teams in the area to keep our brand top of mind with local consumers. You want to spread brand awareness while also speaking meaningfully to those further down the funnel and customers who have already made a purchase. It’s really a balancing act.

Want more ideas and best practices from savvy commerce marketers like these?
Stay tuned for more from our Bronto Summit Blog Series. And it’s not too late to join us April 24-27 in Vegas for Bronto Summit 2017. We’d love to see you there!


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