5 Campaigns to Cure the New Year’s Blues


Beth Perry

Once the busy holiday shopping season has come and gone, there’s often a bit of a lull in the marketing and creative world. You’ve used most of your best material for those end-of-year promotions, so it can be a bit tough to come up with new and exciting content to attract buyers and encourage more sales at the start of the new year. Consider these five ideas to continue the holiday momentum and start the year off right.

But first, let’s get the lay of the land for what we typically see in January. Many promotions are big and bright, featuring sales of 50% or even more.

New Year's promos

While it’s relatively quick and easy to create messages like these to promote your post-holiday sale, it’s hard to make them stand out from the pack. Why? Because everyone has a sale in January. You need to make sure people notice you. If they do, they’re much more likely to engage and convert.

So let’s look at five creative strategies you can use to catch the shopper’s eye and pique their interest in your promotion.

Get What You Really Wanted

This type of campaign can work really well, particularly with beauty and fashion retailers or any kind of guilty pleasure. The idea is to encourage people to treat themselves. These two brands do a great job of getting that point across, and they spell it out clearly with eye-catching images.

Get what you really wanted

These Products Are Almost Gone

Instilling a sense of urgency can really pay off. This example from Yoox.com does so in a very creative way with a GIF that causes product images to fade from left to right. It’s a great visual representation of how their popular products are running out. But it would have been even more effective had they spelled that message out in the text and header as well.

Almost goneNew Features and Sneak Peeks

If you’re one of those retailers who can’t really offer a big January sale or can only do so for a very limited time, consider your other options. Hugo Boss promote its new site functionality in this message, sharing that they now accept payments via PayPal with a banner.

Hugo BossOr perhaps you’ve released a new 2017 calendar out or can provide a sneak peak of 2017 products. It’s all an opportunity to show something exclusive and engage people in your brand.

Shipping Deadlines

For retailers whose products depend on purchases for New Year’s Day or for New Year’s Eve activities, it’s important to remind shoppers of your additional shipping options. Create the sense of urgency, and keep your brand top of mind for those last-minute holiday purchases.

New Year's promo

New Year, New You

This campaign is my favorite. It’s common for people to create a New Year’s resolution around the first of the year. Create a campaign that puts a positive spin on your products, promoting how they could be used in the new year to make your life better. Get people excited. Consider tying the idea to blog content as FeelUnique.com did here with its 31 days of #HappyNewYou. BHS directly pointed to products that can make your New Year’s resolutions a reality.

New Year, New YouI hope you’ll try some of these ideas to inspire your campaigns and keep the sales rolling well into the new year.


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