WIN for All and All for WIN

Jake Potter

Jake Potter

After the successful UK launch of Women in Netsuite, the UK office came together for WIN’s second event, hosted by Bronto’s General Manager, Carolyn Sparano.
In a relaxed setting, women and men gathered to listen, engage and share their own stories in an informal discussion lead by Carolyn.

Every Person Deserves a Seat at the Table

Keeping WIN’s core values and heart, Carolyn made sure that every person had a seat at the table. We introduced ourselves to the group and it was exciting to see such a range of job titles, from Account Development Representatives to Marketing Managers. While some attendees had been with Bronto, Netsuite or Venda for years, others have been with us for just a fortnight.

What Stops Women From Getting Ahead?

Sharing her own career story, Carolyn explained how she took a career break to raise her own children. And through some consultancy work, she came to Bronto. Here, she was offered the flexibility she needed to balance work and family.

It was at this point that other mothers in the room started to share their stories. One participant said that she had struggled with work flexibility and the guilt of leaving her children. Through a career at Netsuite, she got the balance she needed.

Segregation From a Young Age

The conversation progressed from being a parent to the way children are raised. Even in 2016, children are segregated based on gender, with physical education  classes teaching boys judo, and girls, dance.

Max, Partner Manager for Bronto UK shared his concerns for gender segregation in sport:

“Young Boys & Girls can play rugby together until 12 years of age. From 12, the boys go on to play in their rugby league, and the girls must wait until they are 14 to join a female league”.

Unfortunately, segregation in sports is a commonality experienced across the globe. Although the barriers are slowly being removed, with women participating in hockey and football in small numbers, the social stigma still exists.

A Man Talking About WIN

I know what you’re thinking. Jake, you’re a guy, why are you talking about Women in Netsuite? That’s the thing: WIN events are not Women-only events! And everyone, no matter what gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation should support events that encourage equality in the workplace.

I enjoyed learning more about what WIN stands for, and being able to hear the stories of fellow colleagues. I look forward to more engaging and educational opportunities that women (and men) can benefit from.


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