A Week of Giving Back

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

Community involvement and volunteering are important to us here at Bronto. We’re so committed to improving our community, it’s even part of our benefits.

Each year, every Bronto has 16 hours to volunteer during work hours at not-for-profits that are close to our heart. Last year, our team spent 1,940 hours volunteering in our community. This year, we wanted to make an even bigger impact.

That’s how the idea for our Suite Impact Weeks came about. Our Community Committee organized a full week of volunteering events and provided us with lunch, sweet t-shirts, and the tools to head out for a half-day of giving back.

By focusing all of the events in a single week, everyone felt the support of our teammates for taking the time out of our busy jobs to give back to the community. This is one of the things that makes Bronto such a special place.

We were able to choose from a wide variety of events every day, and 87 Brontos volunteered their time for a total 348 volunteer hours. We made a real impact, and here’s how:


At Habitat for Humanity, we installed insulation, raised side walls and built frames. Despite the heat, Brontos were able to put in the work to get it done. We talk about building a better community, and we were literally helping to do it, one 2×4 at a time.



SEEDS teaches respect for life, for the earth and for each other through gardening and growing food. This week, we stepped in and spent time weeding the gardens. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! We all had thumbs as green as our Bronto mascot by the end of it.



At Urban Ministries of Durham, we cleaned and restocked the pantry that housed thousands of canned goods, reorganized toiletries and sorted hundreds of items of clothing for their Clothing Closet and a donation to TROSA.



Brontos applied their skills to clean and rebuild computers at Teaming for Technology. These computers will be available to North Carolina schools, students and 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations at greatly reduced prices.



At the Food Bank, 19 Brontos sorted and re-packaged 1,000 lbs of corn, 1,200 lbs of zucchini, and 400 lbs of potatoes, which will provide 2,189 meals for people at risk of hunger.


During the week, we also kept the love going with an ongoing Habitat for Humanity supplies drive.

Not only did we feel good after our community service, but we had a good time getting to know our fellow Brontos outside of the office. I’m looking forward to continuing this trend with another week dedicated to volunteering this fall.

In true Bronto style, we closed out the week with an extra special Occupy to celebrate our volunteer efforts. What better way to celebrate all the hard work we put in!



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