Walking in a Bronto Winter Wonderland


Olivia Lehman

The weather was warm, but that didn’t stop us from having the coolest time at this year’s Winter Wonderland-themed holiday party!

With a bigger crowd this year, we knew we needed a bigger venue. So back in March, our illustrious Social Committee (Dan Khodaparast, Michael Zalimeni, Whitney Davis, Ashley Bryan, Matthew Messana, Michael Webster and me) went on the hunt for the perfect space. After much research, we decided on The Nasher Museum of Art. It was large enough and very unique, and they even allowed us to explore the galleries during the party. Once the venue was locked down, the planning fun began to make sure this would be the coolest party in Bronto history. The time flew by, and before we knew it, it was party time!

As everyone arrived, we were greeted with complimentary valet service and a raffle ticket. Upon entering the museum, we were amazed by the wonderful winter decor, including projected falling snow and larger-than-life snowflakes, an array of crystal Christmas trees, an ice sculpture of the party’s logo and a sparkling Bronto chandelier that hung beautifully above the main bar.

Party DecorAnd a winter wonderland-themed party wouldn’t be complete without a life-size snowglobe with a live dancer inside. If that alone didn’t wow the guests, a stunning Snow Queen who served champagne from her dress was revealed later in the evening. Next up, CEO Joe Colopy welcomed everyone and introduced three fabulous dancers who performed to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”

Dancer CollageAs the night went on, guests enjoyed socializing, browsing the art gallery and taking pictures in the photobooth. The party also featured thoughtfully-named specialty drinks, including The Mosley Mule (A Moscow Mule), The Mark & Jeremy (A Dark & Stormy), The Frosty Bronto (a pomegranate martini), Joe’s Drunken Gingerbread Latte, A Tirri Toddy (a hot toddy), The Cider Monday (spiked hot cider) and The Black Friday (an irish coffee). To go along with the delicious beverages, there was an assortment of savory hors d’oeuvres, including meatballs, roasted winter veggies, cheese fondue, pork rillettes, country terrine, crab cakes and a table full of sweet treats.

During the first raffle drawing, the crowd was quiet, listening intently and holding their red raffle tickets tightly. This first round offered some classic Bronto prizes, including Gear Store bucks, a Kitchen Duty Pass, the Fast Pass Award and a personalized Fathead for the office. The second round came later in the night, and the prizes were even bigger. Up for grabs were two Fitbit Charge HRs, an Apple Watch and a trip to the Bronto Summit in Miami to name a few.

And here are the lucky winners:

  • $50 Gear Store Bucks: Melanie Deats Alfano & Eric Hirsh
  • 2016 Kitchen Duty Pass: Greg Zakowicz
  • Fast Pass: Laura Berens
  • Fathead of you in the office: Justin Carpenter
  • Reverse Birthday PTO: Christine Vispoli
  • Catered lunch of chicken & waffles for your pod: Susan Puryear
  • Dinner with Joe: Kirkland Wohlrab & Joe Warmelink
  • Assassin “Silver Bullet”: David Tyson
  • Fitbit Charge HR: Kristen Lessen & Steve DuBois
  • Apple Watch: Matthew Messana
  • Day Commemorating your Greatness: Jeff Beardsley
  • 3-day trip to the San Mateo office with tickets to an Oakland A’s game: Jason Baronciani
  • 3-day trip to the San Mateo office with courtside tickets to a Golden State Warriors game: Ryan Davoile
  • Trip to Bronto Summit 2016 in Miami: Melissa Crosby
  • Trip to SuiteWorld: Alex McComber

For the grand finale, we couldn’t just simply draw a ticket. Instead, Joe drew several tickets and let them battle it out in a dance competition to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” Four Brontos came up on stage to participate, but the winner was quickly obvious. Gabe Macaluso was determined to win. He tore up the dance floor with his mad skills, and the crowd went wild, earning him a four-day trip to Bronto’s London office.

The entire night was a huge success with almost 350 guests in attendance. And for those who weren’t quite ready for the fun to end, the celebration continued with an unofficial after-party at West End Billiards.

What a fabulous way to end the year! Check out more of the fun on Flickr.

Happy Holidays, Brontos!

Photo Booth


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