Nomsgiving: Turkeys, Traditions and Thanks

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite traditions at Bronto. We love getting together to enjoy all the great food and the even better company.

At this year’s Nomsgiving, our pre-Thanksgiving Bronto bash, Bronto supplied the turkey and stuffing and the rest of us volunteered to bring in a side dish or dessert. And boy did everyone come through! This year, there were 108 dishes to share. It was impossible to try them all, but it was a challenge several Brontos attempted.

After lunch, we expressed thanks for all that we’ve accomplished in 2017 and for all that our colleagues do throughout the year. And we’ve had many great milestones to be thankful for. We just completed our first Commerce Marketing Spotlight series around the globe, we’ve already sent out over 1 BILLION recommendations, we launched New Reports and have taken home a multitude of awards – just to name a few.

It’s important to look back and celebrate our accomplishments and our amazing team – the amazing food is a bonus! I know I appreciate working with a team full of rock stars and having the best customers and partners anyone could ever ask for.

As always, we opened the kegs at 5pm to celebrate the end of the week and kick-start the holiday season. From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!



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