From Facebook to Flickr. Bronto Goes Social.


Joe Colopy

Social networksBronto tries to stay on the forefront of online marketing given our work with email marketing. Of course, social marketing and its related sites play well into that. We have a presence in a number of places and use each “property” for a slightly different purpose. Here’s a summary:

  • Facebook. We recently soft launched a fan page on Facebook called Bronto Nation. The purpose of this page is to connect with anyone that has an interest in Bronto. It tends to be more brand focused and contains blog posts, photos, and videos. Go to Bronto on Facebook.
  • Twitter. We’ve been on Twitter for a little while here but DJ Waldow, our Director of Best Practices and Deliverability, has recently stepped up our efforts in this area. The “tweets” center around email marketing best practices from Bronto and other leaders in the email marketing community. Kudos to DJ for already increasing our network by over 50% in less than a month. Also, special thanks to our product manager Adam Covati for getting us the bronto twitter name – it had been previously cybersquatted by someone else. Follow Bronto on Twitter.
  • Flickr. At Bronto, we’ve had a very long tradition of documenting the travels of a small inflatable Brontos around the world. We also have a number of pictures from our various social and community events. All the pictures are interesting (if not bizarre in places) and well worth a good browsing. View Bronto photos on Flickr.
  • YouTube. Last year, the account managers started an online video series called BrontoFire. BrontoFire is a 5-minute video magazine of sorts that looks at the good, bad, and ugly of various email marketing campaigns while passing on general best practices along the way. You can see these videos and other short clips of social antics around the office on YouTube. View videos on YouTube.
  • LinkedIn. We created a group for current and past employees of Bronto on LinkedIn. It is called the Bronto Network. If you are current or past employee and haven’t already joined, I encourage you to do so. Once a Bronto, Always a Bronto! Connect with Bronto on LinkedIn.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have Bronto Nation is the launching pad for these social marketing efforts. It’s still in its early stages so expect some interesting developments there. And, finally, there is the Bronto Blog covering email marketing best practices. We are currently revamping it and will have an exciting new version of it to show soon.

Have any suggestions on how we can improve our social marketing initiatives? Let me know.

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    Great post on our social marketing initiatives. Looking forward to seeing how the Bronto brand spreads across the net.




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