Every Dog Has Its Day

Jake Potter

Jake Potter

I recently went to “see a man about a dog,” and that man was Max, channel manager for Bronto Europe and organiser of “Dog Day.” When the initial announcement about the event came through to the office, I thought everyone had gone barking mad.

But on the highly anticipated “Dog Day,” nobody was feeling melan-collie, and when it was time to open the labra-door, it was dogs galore!

The European team welcomed 4 dogs to our office: Olive, Dorothy, Bowser and Tilly. The group ranged in personality from a jumpy, excitable Labrador to a shy and relaxed Western Terrier.

Every Dog Has Its Day- Group Photo

It was such a treat having the dogs around. I even took time to conduct an interview with each of our furry friends:


Owner: Brandon

Breed: Pug

Personality Type: Cute

Life Motto: I’m just walkin’, struttin’, havin’ some fun, looking all cute and stuff.

Favourite thing about the office: There are so many people to meet and hang out with. I have to look my cutest so that I get lots of head strokes and belly rubs.


Owner: Tony

Breed: Western Terrier

Personality Type: Shy

Life Motto: Stay quiet and observe from afar. If you wait, the people will come … for pats and treats!

Favourite thing about the office: Tony is nearby so I can hide with him. I can come out when it’s really quiet to get hugs, treats and strokes whenever I want it.


Owner: Brandon

Breed: Pug Cross

Personality Type: Cool

Life Motto: Just be cool ‘cos being cool is what I’m all about.

Favourite thing about the office: I’m getting noticed for being the cool dog about town. I’m not jumping or running around. I’m just making sure people notice me for being the top dog.


Owner: Max

Breed: Labrador

Personality: Excitable

Life Motto: I love everything! I love treats and jumping and running and people and attention.

Favourite thing about the office: I love all the people! I love all the space because I love running! And I’m getting lots of attention, which is great! I love attention!


Like a parent of a brood, I shouldn’t have favourites, but Bowser won me over. His strutting around “cool dude” persona, combined with the underbite, and that he followed me around for most of the day, meant that he was the dog I wanted to keep (although I don’t think Brandon would let me).

At the end of the day, it was time to say goodbye to our new pup-pals. There’s nothing better than getting down to do your usual day-to-day tasks with the pleasure of being able to pat a dog at the same time.

The Pug Life Chose Bronto

In the words of Florence and the Machine, “The Dog Days Are Over” and the Bronto team realised the office is not just a place for Dinosaurs and people but a place for everyone—Labradors and Pugs alike.



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