The Committees That Keep Bronto’s Culture Roaring

Jen Stone

Jen Stone

Our team has grown significantly over the last 15 years, but through all the changes, we’ve continued to build and maintain the culture that makes Bronto such a unique place to work. In our Durham office, we established five committees to help support Bronto’s core values and bring us all together.

Brontos are invited to join a committee that matches their interests and work with their teammates to host great events for all employees to enjoy. You may remember reading about a few of these events throughout the year, including Brontoween, our lunch 5k or our many opportunities to give back to our community. Let’s take a deeper look at these committees, their goals and their recent events.

The goal of the Active Committee is to promote health, fitness and general wellness through group activities. To increase interaction among Brontos while promoting a healthy lifestyle, the committee comes up with a number of different activities throughout the year. The team sponsors a volleyball team, 5k run/walk over lunch, yoga and even the occasional dodgeball tournament.

The Community Committee strives to enrich and improve the lives of people living and working in our community. Each quarter, employees are allowed four hours of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to be used during the business day. Through donation drives, volunteer activities and awareness campaigns, the Durham Oracle Volunteers Team can make a big difference in the community. Additionally, we support non-profit organizations that are committed to becoming better email marketers by offering them complimentary use of the Bronto Marketing Platform.

Bringing Brontos together is the Social Committee’s goal, and they do a great job of it. Our biggest, most prestigious events wouldn’t be possible without this team. They create and organize our social events, which is no easy task. From our recent Spirit Week, Uber Occupies, annual holiday parties, Brontoween and Assassin, there’s always a fun social event on the horizon!

Oracle Women in Leadership (OWL), one of our newest additions, is aimed at helping women advance their careers, but it’s not just about finding more women to fill our ranks. It’s about helping them thrive in their careers while juggling the demands of raising a family and growing professionally. The program offers mentorship opportunities, training and the chance to take part in learning and networking events to foster personal development and career advancement. We’ve developed a new series, Getting a Seat at the Table, that brings a new speaker to talk to the group each quarter. From public speaking to putting your best foot forward, these events focus on making sure every Bronto has a seat at the table.

Last but not least is our Green Committee, which identifies opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint around the office. They provide education on ways to live a “greener,” more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Every year, Brontos celebrate Earth Day by carpooling, bussing, biking and walking to work to reduce carbon emissions and benefit the environment. Even #travelinbronto joined in on the fun!

Committee members work hard all year long to support what Bronto is all about : passion, approachability and transparency. They’re not just sayings on the wall – we truly live our values every day. The committees at Bronto are a great way to work closely with folks across the organization, meet others who share the same interests, and bring the company together inside and outside of work, all while spreading the Bronto passion both in the office and out in the community.





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