Collaboration and Growth: Check Out Bronto’s Engineering Team

Cain Twyman

Cain Twyman

You’ve had a peek inside our sales team. But what about engineering? Let’s take a closer look at life at Bronto through the eyes of an engineer.

Collaboration is key, says Director of Development Tom DeWire. It’s fundamental to everything here at Bronto. “It’s one note of the culture. Anyone joining the team should expect that you’re going to be collaborating, reaching out for help and offering help generously.” Collaboration and teamwork make the dream work.

For Senior Software Engineer Javed Mortuza, excitement comes from being able to use his technical and problem-solving skills to find solutions to complex problems. When he and his team faced the challenge of improving the speed of a legacy feature, they worked together and implemented a solution that improved the speed five times.

While the engineering team works hard and takes their work seriously, they still make sure to maintain a balance between their personal lives and their careers. “Anyone who has worked at Bronto knows that we take good care of our employees,” Javed said.

With all the wonderful things about working at Bronto, Tom says seeing people grow and become more confident in their skills is one of his favorite things about his role. “They’re starting to become leaders of their own,” he said. “Being able to watch people grow and develop and feel success is tremendously rewarding.”

Want to be a part of this great team? Learn more about our open positions.



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