Cinco de Mayo Inspires Spirited Bronto Celebration

Julie Grundy, Senior UX Designer

Julie Grundy, Senior UX Designer

The vision for our Cinco de Mayo celebration began with piñatas and nachos. From there, our social committee, a volunteer group of fun-loving Brontos from across the organization, planned a proper fiesta, transforming the main kitchen in our office at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, N.C., into a locale that resembled a distant cousin of Cabo San Lucas (minus the ocean, of course).

And so, after a week of wrap-up from another successful Bronto Summit, we gathered Friday, May 5, at the magical hour of 5 p.m. to share food, camaraderie and good cheer.

Most notable was the 10-topping nacho bar. You see, Brontos like to dream (and eat), and with 10 toppings, the possibilities were endless. We had homemade guacamole, slow-cooked chicken, salsa, cheese, hot sauce, onions, fish sauce and more. (Just kidding about the fish sauce.)

“This nacho spread is pretty impressive,” said Principal Engineer Tom DeWire about his plateful of chips and toppings. Turns out, nachos can make quite a meal.

After folks ate their nacho-loving hearts out, many of them shimmied over to twirl around with one of six hula hoops. Six hula hoops! Does it get any better than that? And did you know the record for most hula hoops twirled at once is 160? (Neither did we.)

And why have just one piñata when you can have three? Brontos swung Nerf bats, sounds of “whiff!” filled the air and then it rained candy. The chocolate went first, presumably to calm the heat from the 10-topping nacho bar.

Special thanks to our social committee for planning, decorating, cleaning and cooking to make this party possible. Bronto events are always memorable, and this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration was no exception. To see photos from the event, visit our Flickr account.

Interested in working with bright people who love nachos at a growing company? Check out our open opportunities.


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