Caroline’s Mad Mad Bridal Shower

Bryce Roberts, Manager, Demand Generation

Bryce Roberts, Manager, Demand Generation

How do you trick a teammate into dressing up for her own surprise bridal shower? In the case of Bronto’s demand generation team, you exercise the often-discussed but never executed idea of a “Mad Men” day.

As marketers, we have a soft spot for the fashion, the projects and the lifestyle of the lead characters in AMC’s hit show. And the surprise worked like a charm. Caroline had no idea the “Mad Men” working lunch and brainstorming session on her calendar was actually a department-wide surprise bridal shower.

The party was carefully designed to deliver her dream wedding-day experience – without all the annoying fuss of saying vows and dancing. Caroline always said she’d love a morning wedding with brunch foods followed by an afternoon of croquet on the lawn, but her impending nuptials are due to happen in the afternoon/evening, so the team stepped up to make her picturesque dream a reality.

We surprised Caroline with a delicious brunch spread from Durham’s boutique café Parker and Otis. There was a lot to like with ham biscuits, quiche and fruit salad to prepare us for a massive, personalized cake for dessert. The “Mad Men” soundtrack played in the background as we presented Caroline with a tiara, signed card and a gift from her marketing colleagues.

After lunch it was time to show off our gentile competitiveness with games of bocce and croquet in the beautiful courtyard of the American Tobacco Campus. I should point out that the characters of “Mad Men” travelled to this very campus as part of their tumultuous relationship with their key Lucky Strike account. That history is still on display in this re-fitted office complex with its iconic emblems on the water tower and smokestack.

The croquet game turned out to be a fiercely contested clash as six marketers vied for supremacy of the wickets. There were frequent “roquet” encounters among the contestants, during which you’re allowed to summon your full strength in order to really screw your opponent up at the risk of bruising foot bones and egos alike. Content writer and famed blogger Cain dominated the competition, and the losers took stylish photos to assuage their dejection.

We had a great time celebrating Caroline, her upcoming wedding and her service in the marketing department. She’ll be moving to join her groom-to-be and won’t continue on here at Bronto. We wish her all the best!

If this sounds like a team you’d like to be part of, check out our careers page for more details on this new opportunity. We’re searching for professionals who appreciate fine breakfast foods, can dress up when the “Mad Men” mood arises and can swing a mallet like there’s no tomorrow.


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