Brontos Give Thanks And Eat … A Whole Lot.


Lindsey Traub

This Thanksgiving, Brontos came together and celebrated with our biggest potluck feast ever. As we’ve continued to grow, so has our need for massive amounts of food. Bronto provided the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy but the employees were responsible for contributing their culinary skills to the rest of the meal.

We had a total of 66 side dishes and 49 desserts, all of which were judged for deliciousness. We had everything from hydroponic green salad to pumpkin dump cake to Lao sausage meatballs to cans of Surge, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed. (Maybe only a few people went for the Surge, though … that stuff is pretty much radioactive).

Desert Table
The dessert table in the Thunderdome was a very popular locale.

The feast began with some words from our fearless leader, Joe, and soon after food started to pile up on all the plates. We had some holiday music playing in the background to put everyone in a festive mood and the tables were all decorated with turkeys and inflatable Brontos (obviously).

Turkey and Surge
Nothing says Thanksgiving like turkey and … Surge?

While we ate, we were reminded to keep our eyes out for the best side and dessert (which was very difficult, because there is literally no way to fit 66 side dishes on a plate … although some tried!) and then cast votes for each. The winners of best side dish and best dessert were each awarded a pair of tickets to the American Tobacco Campus ice skating rink for their efforts.

This year Dustin Hampton won Best Dessert for his Creamy Vanilla-Caramel cheesecake (affectionately named “Really Good Cheesecake Thing” on the ballot) and yours truly won Best Side Dish for “Potatoes Au Gratin With Porcini Mushrooms and Pancetta.”

I will go ahead and say I cannot ice skate at all, so we may have a follow-up post entitled “Most Unfortunate Prize Ever: The day Lindsey Broke Herself in Half Trying to Ice Skate”. Just kidding (I hope).

We wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with your families!


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