Bronto Packs 3,000 Meals

Caroline Carmody, Digital Designer

Caroline Carmody, Digital Designer

3,000 meals. That’s how much our Bronto team packed for distribution during an afternoon volunteering for the Durham branch of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.

Along with a few regular volunteers, our Oracle + Bronto team of nine stocked and packed 300 boxes, each of which contained enough food for 10 meals. It’s a great privilege to be able to give back to our community, and we had fun doing it!

Not only was this an opportunity to help our fellow citizens, but it was a great learning experience for our team. Since the kind of food that’s donated to the Food Bank varies from month to month, there’s no right way to pack a box for distribution; therefore, no instructions. It was up to us to problem solve and figure out the best, most efficient way to assemble the packages.

We worked with cans, jugs of juice, boxes of cereal and other items, so it was a bit more challenging to pack than if we’d been working with a lot of the same item that would neatly stack. We experimented with several different ways of packing the boxes at first and then discussed what was working and what needed to change to get the job done. We worked as a team and made the changes necessary to keep the assembly line flowing smoothly, which helped us create more packages by the end of the day!

Volunteering with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is a great experience, and our team is already talking about the next time we can help. Remember: Places like this need volunteers year-round, not just around the holidays. There’s still work to be done to make sure every person in North Carolina has food on their plate, but we’re happy to have helped, at least for one afternoon, to make sure NO ONE GOES HUNGRY. #NoOneGoesHungry


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