Bronto Keeps It Weird With Spirit Week

Misti Pinter

Misti Pinter

If you know anything about Bronto, you know we LOVE Brontoween. But it can be hard to wait for that one magical day all year long. “What can we do,” the social committee wondered, “to bring that silly, fun energy to Bronto now?” Enter Bronto Spirit Week!

For a whole week in July, we got to show our Bronto pride by sharing our most quirky interpretations of each spirit day’s theme. We kicked off the week with Bronto Spirit Day.

The social commitee figured they’d make it easy for the first day – most of us wear Bronto gear at least once a week anyway. But, as expected, a few dedicated Brontos went above and beyond and were rewarded with a cool deck of playing cards.

Next was Dress to Unimpress, which marketing and sales rebranded “Dress Like an Engineer Day.” But that’s OK because engineering did indeed crush this category. Though, in the end, engineering underestimated the prize-winning power of the onesies that marketing brought to the table.

Twin Day was by far the most fun and popular day of Spirit Week. We had formal twins, funny twins, creepy twins and even large teams of “twins.”

But the mother-daughter-mini-me twins were an unbeatable, adorable combination and won by a thunderous round of applause.

Throwback Thursday gave us all a chance to relive our childhood glory. This was apparently more fun in theory than practice because there was a smaller, super dedicated group of participants.

It was hard to pick the winners in this group, but the spirit of nostalgia played a heavy hand in the judging.

Finally, we ended the week by honoring the aloha spirit of America’s 50th state. You see, Bronto was founded on the island of Maui in 2010 during a fishing trip … just kidding. Let’s be honest, we were just looking for an excuse to end the week with a luau!

Spirit Week may be over, but the Bronto spirit lives on daily in the Bronto offices. Check out our Facebook album for more Spirit Week photos, and keep it weird, BrontoNation!


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