Bronto Europe Rallies the Troops for Laser Tag

Jake Potter

Jake Potter

Artillery Soldier Potter here, reporting for duty with a status report on Bronto Europe’s latest team-building activity: Laser Tag.

We rallied the troops and headed for Whitechapel, London. Standing on the front line of Team Green, we stared down our competitors, the evil Team Red. I had friends on Team Red, but I had to do what I had to do: Take them down.

Round one went in favour of Team Red. Egos bruised and feeling glum, it was time for a team meeting. Ready for round two, each member of Team Green had a station, a strategy and a good eye for shooting, which helped us take the trophy this time around.

Neck-and-neck, the troops retreated to their respective bases to create a new gameplan. Heads together, we reconfigured our spots so that Team Red couldn’t find us. We all had one objective: WIN at all cost.

The claxon rang, the time started and the team ran to their hiding spots. It had become brutal. Reds and Greens were shooting each other from all angles, and soon, everyone’s hiding spot had been discovered.

With three Reds on my tail, I was surely going down. Was I going to let my team lose? No. Grenades were dropped, lasers were shot and a number of barrel rolls were executed. The result? Team Green took the trophy and won the battle overall.

Afterwards, both teams regrouped, and the highest scoring shooters in each team were announced. In my team of 13, I placed fourth. My scorecard showed that I took one Red Team member prisoner, shooting him 38 times in total.

We put our differences behind us for a group photo, and in true Bronto style, we headed to the pub after for a drink. Win or lose, a great time was had by all!




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