Bronto Engineering Brings Endless Opportunities

Cain Twyman

Cain Twyman

The team here at Bronto is a diverse group in more ways than one. Whether you come from a startup or a big corporation, are a seasoned veteran or have just finished school, each person brings unique experiences and perspectives to the group and the work we do.

“People here are passionate about the topics they talk about, and it’s just really cool. Not only are you working, but you’re enjoying it,” said Software Engineer Amber Smith.

The atmosphere is open, and success is truly a team effort. There is constant collaboration between teams across the company.

What Senior Software Engineer Michael Zalimeni finds most challenging is the intelligence and capacity of some of the people he works with. But it’s also a great way to learn.

“It’s always a challenge to work with someone who you know has so much more experience and try to keep up with the way they work,” Michael said. “But I really like that, though, because it means I’m going to learn.”

While collaboration is key, there’s plenty of autonomy as well and room to develop new skills.

“At Bronto, you don’t work in a silo,” Michael said. Being able to talk through problems with your teammates and see how their minds work is an amazing experience. “You just learn so much, and it’s such a fun environment at the same time,” Amber said.

Want to join our fantastic engineering team? Check out our open positions here!


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