Becoming a Bronto: Reflections on my First Few Months

Paul Mirek

Paul Mirek

As a lifelong Triangle resident, I’d heard of Bronto long before I knew I wanted to work there (you don’t get acquired twice without generating some buzz in the local business community). I’d also heard a lot about the amazing culture from friends who had joined the company.

But making a job move always means embracing a sense of uncertainty about what the next chapter of your life will hold. I was coming off a long tenure at another company and had plenty of questions as I prepared to make the transition.

When Waynette emailed me to officially introduce the team, I realized that answering questions – even those you didn’t know you have – is something Bronto is great at. I’ve seen it firsthand as a new hire coming up to speed over the past few months, and I see it in the work that our account management and professional services teams do to help our customers feel comfortable using the Bronto Marketing Platform.

I’ve never experienced a company that sets its employees up for success so well. A large part of this is our “open” office environment. Everyone (even our executives) works out in the open alongside their colleagues, but there are also plenty of common areas throughout the office where you can collaborate on projects or just get to know one another.

Even the conference rooms have gorgeous full-length windows that help keep meetings from becoming a drag. Of course, you can also head outdoors on nice days to enjoy the beautiful American Tobacco Campus.

All of this means there are very few barriers when it comes to getting the answers you need, whether you’re trying to find that white paper from last year or looking to join one of our many committees. It wasn’t long before I was making connections across the entire company.

But the conference rooms aren’t the only thing about Bronto that’s transparent. The leadership team is committed to helping each employee understand the company vision and how he or she contributes to making it a reality.

I was lucky to start the week of our QAB (Quarterly All Brontos) meeting. We all gathered in the historic Carolina Theatre to hear about the past quarter’s successes, celebrate achievements across the organization and hear updates on our roadmap for the months and years ahead. Along with poring through product documentation and playing around in our platform, this experience was invaluable in helping me better understand just what it is that makes Bronto so unique.

When I joined Bronto, I was excited by the professional opportunities that awaited me, but I wasn’t sure what else to expect. As I prepare to ring in my first new year as a Bronto, I’m thankful to be a part of a company that brings its team members together in such a big way to create something that’s truly different. We’ve been making headlines for years, but now that I’ve gotten a look at what’s coming, I’m proud to say we’re just getting started.


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