We Make Sure Everyone Gets Mail on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Erik Morse, Vice President of Software Development

Author Bio

As vice president of software development, Erik leads the effort to scale Oracle + Bronto’s technology organization in order to meet the increasing performance demands of the company’s rapidly growing roster of commerce-focused companies. Erik also leads Oracle + Bronto’s product development teams, bringing his lengthy SaaS experience to continually deliver innovative, yet easy-to-use functionality that helps retailers to maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns.

Prior to joining Oracle + Bronto, Erik was the founding employee at Peopleclick, where he served for thirteen years as COO and CTO. During his tenure at Peopleclick, Morse was instrumental in building the technology organization and leading key product development initiatives, including the establishment of the company’s successful and rapidly scaling SaaS business model. Prior to Peopleclick, Erik served as a director of development for Seer Technologies, a leader in enterprise software infrastructure products. Previously, Erik held a key role at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as a senior software engineer.

It’s our favorite time of year! In less than two weeks, more than 200 million shoppers will visit retailers’ websites and stores to spend an estimated $400 billion on products and services. It’s the biggest shopping week of the year, and the Bronto Marketing Platform is ready for action.

After retailers used Bronto to send more than a billion emails during last year’s record-breaking week surrounding Black Friday-Cyber Monday, we assessed our performance. Then, we mapped enhancements to our platform and related infrastructure to expand our capacity so we could serve more Bronto customers and send even more messages to shoppers.

Here are six significant enhancements we’ve made to ensure your success on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Faster, More Resilient Hardware

As our customer base continues to grow, so does our infrastructure. We increased the number of servers that process Bronto customer requests by 50% over the past year. We replaced numerous older servers with faster, more resilient hardware leading to faster performance and broader scale across the board. We also upgraded much of our storage infrastructure to super-fast, solid-state drives.

2. Upgraded Software and Server Infrastructure

We upgraded all of our third-party data processing software as well as our server infrastructure software to improve performance, scalability, reliability and security.

3. Improved Automation Processing

Over the past year, Bronto’s customers have continued to increase their use of our commerce marketing automation platform. We have made numerous software improvements to speed the processing of automation steps in user workflows, so it will be faster and easier for you to create and execute email marketing campaigns.

4. Increased Bandwidth Capacity

We quadrupled Bronto’s network capability and upgraded our firewall servers to generate a huge increase in bandwidth capacity, which will ensure faster, easier processing of your email campaigns.

5. Expanded Maximum Send Rate

We added servers to expand our maximum email sending rate by more than 60%. We upgraded our software that processes customer content into emails to greatly improve the speed of workflows, email preparation and sending.

6. Faster Contact Updates

We’ve continued to invest in our contact processing software, so you can update contacts faster and more often. Keep in mind, if you’re planning to import contacts, be sure to complete your import several days ahead of Black Friday, or postpone it until after Cyber Monday. This will free up resources for more efficient sending.

The engineers and software developers on Bronto’s IT team, fresh off a Stevie International Business Award win for IT Department of the Year, is ready to resolve issues and preempt major roadblocks before they delay email sends.

Of course, Bronto’s award-winning technical support team is here when you have questions or need assistance. Watch for an article we’ll post here about how Bronto performed over the big week that is turning November gray.

Will we break our record for the third year in a row? We expect we will. In the meantime, get out there and break your own records for sales and revenue generation this holiday season. Bronto’s ready for it. And be sure to share your Black Friday and Cyber Monday success stories with us.


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