Recommendations Standard Available to All Bronto Customers

Mike Gottlieb, Manager, Product Management

Mike Gottlieb, Manager, Product Management

Author Bio

Mike Gottlieb works to identify trends and bring to market new features and functions for users of Oracle’s Bronto Software. He is currently focused on solutions that deliver personalized product content, and he also oversees product management activities on Bronto’s existing embedded apps. With more than 12 years of experience launching new products across several different industries, including retail, healthcare, pharmacy automation and HR, Gottlieb has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, impactful solutions.

Following up on the release of our Recommendations Premium app, we are pleased to announce that all Bronto customers today have access to the standard version of our product recommendations engine, at no additional cost.

You can use this feature to build and place non-personalized product recommendations into your email messages. The types of recommendations you can incorporate into your marketing messages are endless. Here are just a few examples:

  • Upcoming sale items, current sale items or off-sale items.
  • Pre-order and new product arrivals.
  • Back-in-stock items.
  • Highly rated products.
  • Clearance items (i.e., price drops).
  • Products related to a specific brand and/or category.
  • Holiday promotions.

Over the past year, Bronto customers have used Recommendations Standard to automate the placement of relevant product content into a variety of email messages, such as welcome series, promotions and cart recovery. And they’ve generated great results.

PHE, the multi-channel retailer behind brands Adam & Eve, Adam Male and the Sinclair Institute, understood the importance of recommending multiple products in their emails but found it difficult to do without running into inventory issues.

To remedy the situation and increase revenue, Director of Ecommerce Bruce Cabral used Recommendations Standard (formerly known as Predictor) to send targeted recommendations and filter out products that were out of stock.

“We have a huge product catalog, and Recommendations Standard helps us showcase all the items we have. It provides choices. I can get very granular in what I pick to show in the message.”

PHE wanted to set the business rules. For example, they wanted the power to recommend sale or off-sale items, products from different categories or multiple items from one category.

“In the first two months of using Recommendations Standard, we had a 13% lift in click-through rates versus emails without recommendations, which led to a 33% increase in revenue,” said Cabral.

If you are looking to implement personalized product recommendations, our Recommendations Premium app is the way to go. And, if you’re not sure where to start, consider engaging Bronto Professional Services to develop your strategy and begin recommending products using either our Standard or Premium version. For more information, contact your Account Manager or a Bronto sales representative.


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