New Default Sender Options: Set It and Forget It

Jocelyn Yale, Product Manager

Jocelyn Yale, Product Manager

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A Bronto since 2011, with experience on both the Support and Professional Services teams and a background in Deliverability, Jocelyn is a subject matter expert in all things Bronto. She gets the credit (or the blame) for creating the Bronto Certified Specialist exam, and is still waiting for someone to get a perfect score!

Jocelyn joined Bronto's Product Management team as a Product Analyst in 2015, taking ownership of SMS and MMS offerings, as well as the database of feature requests and platform feedback. She’ll happily accept your requests via our Ideas forum. With her varied experience at Bronto, Jocelyn brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Product team and is excited about helping to shape the future of the Bronto platform.

Let’s be honest: how often do you change your company name? For most of you, the answer is never. So why then has Bronto asked you to set your business information every time you schedule a message?

Well, no more. Head over to the General Settings page and revel in the simplicity of Default Sender Information, which allows you to set your outbound information once and have it apply to all future email deliveries.

Default Sender OptionsWith these new options, you can set your default From Name, From Email Address and an optional Reply-To Email Address. You can also indicate if Sender Authentication and Reply Tracking should be enabled by default.

When you open these settings for the first time, you’ll find that the Sender Authentication box is already checked. For deliverability reasons, we strongly recommend keeping this feature toggled on so your messages are digitally signed and identified. If you want another deliverability boost, you can also use Reply Tracking, especially if you’ve already set up a Private Domain. If you want to talk more about deliverability best practices, or if you still need to set up a private domain, just open a case with our Support team.

Once you’ve decided which default options you want to set, simply make those changes and save them at the bottom of the page. Et voilà! The same sender information will automatically display for the next new message anyone schedules!

But what about the inevitable exception to the rule? When you have a particular message that needs to reflect different sender details, you can make those changes on-the-spot when scheduling the delivery. Don’t worry. Your default options will still be there for your next message. And whatever default options you save now will only affect future deliveries – any messages you previously built will maintain their original settings.

While this may seem like a small change, we hope it will both save you time and prevent unwanted typos. And while Bronto engineers built the functionally, the credit for the idea goes to a user on our Ideas Forum. If you haven’t already, take some time to look around on You can vote on existing requests or even suggest something new. Maybe the next new feature we announce will be thanks to you!

2 Responses to “New Default Sender Options: Set It and Forget It”

    • Jocelyn Y

      Hi Sarah! The page in question can be found at Home > Settings > General. Any username with Admin privileges should be able to access the Settings pages and make necessary updates.



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