Message Editor’s Fantastic New Features

Jocelyn Yale, Product Manager

Jocelyn Yale, Product Manager

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A Bronto since 2011, with experience on both the Support and Professional Services teams and a background in Deliverability, Jocelyn is a subject matter expert in all things Bronto. She gets the credit (or the blame) for creating the Bronto Certified Specialist exam, and is still waiting for someone to get a perfect score!

Jocelyn joined Bronto's Product Management team as a Product Analyst in 2015, taking ownership of SMS and MMS offerings, as well as the database of feature requests and platform feedback. She’ll happily accept your requests via our Ideas forum. With her varied experience at Bronto, Jocelyn brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Product team and is excited about helping to shape the future of the Bronto platform.

If you’re a regular follower of Bronto’s Product Blog, you’ve seen us write about a lot of new features lately. Link Repair went live at the end of June, and Audit Log is now available for all customers under the Reporting tab. We released Default Sender Options earlier this year and launched Browse Recovery and Recommendations Standard (formerly known as Predictor).

But don’t think we’ve been ignoring our existing features. We released several new nodes for Workflows in July and completely redesigned our Developer site. And today, it’s time to announce some upgrades to our drag-and-drop Message Editor.

Since Message Editor graduated from Bronto Labs last year, we’ve listened to your feedback and read every related submission in the Ideas Forum, using that information to rearrange options and make some overall design improvements. But we’ve also implemented a few larger changes to make Message Editor even better.

Mobile, Desktop or Both?

ContainerThe Message Editor has always created content that responds to ensure the best viewing experience on any device. But there may be times when you want to hide particular content for mobile users or offer a link to view your full site rather than the mobile version.

To allow for improved control, you can now hide specific containers on either mobile or desktop devices. Simply hover over the container and select the top-most Edit button.

This same menu also improves the method of setting custom column widths and avoids the need for math!

TIP: The default message width is 640px, but you can change this for any message in the Settings palette, under Message Design.

Text Formatting Made (MUCH) Easier!

I’ve learned a lot about using CSS styling when creating content in the Message Editor – for better or for worse. And that’s still an available option, of course. But for those of us who are not HTML experts, the text formatting and design options are now point-and-click, with simplified style buttons.

We’ve also dramatically improved the text selection and highlighting processes. As you can see, multiple formats can now be applied to any word or section of text.

Formatting options

Separating the Design and Content sections should also provide more flexibility. Just remember: The Design tab sets the default style for that element. Any changes made on the Content tab only apply to the selected text.

TIP: We support most keyboard shortcuts. Try CTRL-B for bold, CTRL-X to cut or CTRL-V to paste, etc. My personal favorite? Undo with CTRL-Z! For the Mac users out there, the Command Key (⌘) is what you’re looking for.

What About Lists?

missing listsYou may have noticed that the List Element button has disappeared. What happened? Does Bronto no longer allow lists? Do we have something against bullets?

1. Absolutely not.
2. Lists are now built into the Text Content editor:List Options

Lastly, a Content Tag Refresher

We last wrote about Content Tags earlier this year, when we made them compatible with the drag-and-drop editor. Since then, we’ve made it much simpler to insert, edit and save Content Tags.Content Tags

A Content Tag can be any content you want to reuse – one container, several containers, an entire message, etc.

Practice with them now, and stay tuned for more improvements to come!


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