Introducing the Bronto Learning Center

Misti Pinter, Technical Writing Manager

Misti Pinter, Technical Writing Manager

Did you know that if Bronto’s online help system were a PDF it would be the length of three Harry Potter books? And we’re talking about Harry’s later years. That’s a lot of content! With so many help topics, how do you quickly find what you need? Or what if reading isn’t your thing? There are so many different ways to learn, and we know reading help topics isn’t the best or easiest way for everyone.

Enter the Learning Center. The Learning Center is an integrated help tab that contains links to the content that’s relevant to the Bronto page you’re on. This content includes links to help topics, videos, page tours and guided walkthroughs.

To access Bronto’s Learning Center, click Help in the banner, and the Learning Center tab will slide open.

To open or launch content, simply click on its Learning Center link. Each type of content in the Learning Center has a unique icon so you can easily recognize your options:

Help Topics

Let’s say you’re creating a workflow and need information about what a specific action node does. Open the Learning Center, and click the Action Nodes help link to open the help section on action nodes.


Perhaps you’re designing a message with Bronto’s Email Message Editor and you’re not sure how to add dynamic content. Open the Learning Center and click the Make Email Message Editor Content Dynamic video link to watch a video on how to add dynamic content.

Show Me

Maybe you’re building a webform, and you want to understand the basics about how they work. Click the Show Me Webforms link to launch a page tour.

A Show Me is an interactive page tour that explains the details of a feature or an application page. It may require you to interact with Bronto, but you will not complete or save any work. Instead, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that will help you use the BMP more effectively in the future.

Check out this Show Me demo that introduces the New Reports feature we just introduced to labs.

Teach Me

Sometimes you just need someone to walk you through it. Maybe you’re scheduling an A/B split test for the first time. Click the Teach Me to Set Up An A/B Split Test link to launch content that will guide you, step by step, through the process.

The best part about Teach Me walkthrough is that it helps you learn as you complete work on your marketing campaigns. When you’ve finished working with a Teach Me, you will have accomplished a task, such as creating a segment or scheduling a message.

Take a look at how I used this Teach Me demo to learn how to set default sending options for my account.

The default options in the Learning Center are designed to be relevant to the page you’re on, but you’re not limited to just this content. You can search the Learning Center to find any of its help topic links, videos or walk-throughs from anywhere in Bronto. This is a basic search of the Learning Center headings only; if your search doesn’t yield results, we give you the option to search Bronto Help. Just click your search term – below the “no results” message – to open online help search results for that topic.

We hope you find exactly what you need when you use Bronto’s Learning Center. Comment on this article to tell us about Show Me or Teach Me content you’d like to for us to consider adding. Happy learning!