(Video) Building Loyalty with Email Help: The Munchkin Story

Cathy Traugot

Cathy Traugot

If you’ve got a young child, you’ve likely got some Munchkin products in your home. The brand is known for its innovative products for parents and children such as its spoon that turns white if the food is too hot.

Munchkin’s Global Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Laura Bradford, sat down with us earlier this fall to describe how Munchkin is using Bronto to drive revenue.

A critical goal for the company is to make sure the email program, and ecommerce site, don’t compete with its other channels. Munchkin wants to use its online efforts to introduce customers to the brand’s many items and culture of innovation.

“I just feel like Bronto software is super intuitive to navigate which makes life really easy for me,’’ says Bradford.

For the email program, a key first step has been a welcome series. “Our first goal of our email series is just to get customers to actually purchase an item for munchkin.com because we want them to experience firsthand what our products are, the benefits and the quality of what we produce but we also want customers to know more about Munchkin and what we offer,’’ Bradford explains.

In the video, Bradford details:

  • How a triggered welcome series increases conversions 20x over compared to promotional emails.
  • Why incorporating dynamic recommendations into confirmation emails increases conversions.
  • How using a pop-up manager helped subscriber numbers shoot through the roof.
  • Why using a coupon management tool is critical to keeping promotional codes from leaking out all over the web.
  • How having a strategist assigned to your account can help you stay abreast of industry trends.

Want to learn more about Munchkin? Read our customer success story.


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