Moogfest Display Transforms Commerce Data Into Sight and Sound

Amir Iliaifar

Amir Iliaifar

This week, an estimated 40,000 people from around the world will converge on Durham, N.C. to experience eclectic displays of music, art and technology at Moogfest. As a Moogfest sponsor, we’ve used commerce data to create an interactive display of sight and sound called The Sounds of Commerce.

The Sounds of Commerce

Our participation in Moogfest began with our General Manager Carolyn Sparano. She asked our engineering team:  How can we bring together technology, music and art to showcase the power and scale of the Bronto Marketing Platform?

Then, she gave them a greenfield opportunity to create it. The challenge got our team thinking: It’s no secret we know how to manage data, and lots of it. Every day, consumers receive personalized marketing messages that the world’s top internet retailers create, schedule and deliver automatically using our cloud-based commerce marketing automation platform.

Of course, we wanted to create something special, so we needed to find a creative way to transform the huge amount of marketing data we manage into something that people would want to interact with, something that would illustrate through sight and sound the sheer scale of data shared daily between consumers and the world’s top ecommerce brands.

So, a cross-departmental team of Brontos came together to create an interactive installation that does just that.

The Sounds of Commerce transforms the terabytes of data we have streaming through our system into music and art. Using a combination of software and custom-built hardware, the installation converts individual data events our platform generates and tracks – such as email message opens, clicks and sales – into sound and pairs it with unique colors and lights.

The result is a visually stunning and sonically vibrant display that sheds a unique light on the sheer volume and diversity of the data that powers our platform. It also highlights the artistry that engineering and music together provide.

We feel the display is a fitting tribute to Dr. Robert Moog, the American engineer and pioneer of electronic music after which Moogfest is named and whose legacy the festival celebrates. Moog developed the analog synthesizer and related technologies, all of which have had a profound influence on artists across genres over the last 60 years. Some of those influenced by Moog’s work are the jazz, bluegrass, rock and other musicians who happen to work on our engineering, marketing, sales, support and other teams.

Come One, Come All

Our team is excited to participate in Moogfest and can’t wait for festival-goers to experience The Sounds of Commerce for themselves.

For those of you considering stopping by Moogfest, check out the Sounds of Commerce tent! We’ll be on the American Tobacco Campus courtyard in front of the Full Frame Theater, Thursday through Saturday from about 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day. We’ll close the booth at 6 p.m. on Saturday. Don’t miss it!

For more information about Moogfest, visit


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