Q2 2017 Commerce Marketing Insights: Greg Zakowicz

Amir Iliaifar, Content Marketing Editor

Amir Iliaifar, Content Marketing Editor

In this first part of our quarterly series, we’re shining the spotlight on Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Greg Zakowicz, where he’ll be this quarter and what insights he’ll be sharing.

As a former consultant with more than 10 years of experience in email, mobile and social media marketing, Greg Zakowicz has first-hand knowledge about the challenges facing the retail industry. Now, as Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst at Oracle + Bronto, he provides thoughtful insight to the Internet Retailer Top 1000, and is a frequent speaker at ecommerce events.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter at @WhatsGregDoing and take a look at what he’ll be speaking on at these upcoming events.

Speaking sessions

eTail Canada – May 16-18 – Toronto

Greg is going all in on post-purchase messaging when he travels north of the border this week.

Day 1: Chair & Roundtable: Creating Customer Loyalty With Effective Post-Purchase Messaging
Day 2: Roundtable: Creating Customer Loyalty With Effective Post-Purchase Messaging

The post-purchase customer experience can often determine whether a customer feels valued and becomes a loyal, repeat customer, or a one-time shopper. As consumer behavior changes, carefully crafting a post-purchase marketing program that reinforces your brand value and meets your customers’ expectations is critical in creating loyalty.

IRCE – June 8 – Chicago

It’s not easy to nab a speaking slot at IRCE, but Greg did and he is going to be exploring new approaches to lifecycle messaging.

Be a Revolutionary: Adapting Lifecycle Messages to Changing Consumer Behavior

Traditional lifecycle messages flowing from events like birthday reminders or cart abandonment have been a powerful email engagement tactic. But with consumer behavior changing as people use more devices along the purchase path when considering and buying online, shouldn’t your lifecycle messaging strategy change, too? This session will offer an update on the changing dynamics of lifecycle messaging. We’ll also hear from a retailer who is breaking with traditional lifecycle best practices – for example, by testing more frequent messaging, and segmenting offers by cart size – to better connect with today’s online shoppers.


Greg is a frequent host of webinars. He’s got a busy June with two back-to-back webinars.

Shopify+ Webinar – June 21

Redefining Email “Best Practices” To Meet Today’s Ever-Changing Consumer

Technology has changed consumer behavior, and with these changes come a new set of expectations from retailers. But as consumer behavior has changed, email “best practices” have failed to evolve alongside it. Your messages need to deliver what the consumer expects; relevance. This session will identify these changes in consumer behavior, and strategies for achieving email relevance that provides a more personal consumer experience.

Oracle + Bronto Customer Webinar – June 22

Why Your Email Program Sucks

Consumer behavior and expectations are changing. Is your company unintentionally ignoring the change? This webinar will highlight several retailers and demonstrate how they have missed with their new subscribers and lifecycle marketing. From analyzing the welcome series, promotional cadence, segmentation, cart recovery and other lifecycle strategies, Zakowicz will show you how you could be alienating potential customers without even realizing it.

(Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll be updating it throughout the quarter to include additional details, including webinar times and registration links, about upcoming events.)