Resurrection of Docker Raleigh

Magnus Hedemark

Back in June of 2014, Bronto was super excited to help kick off a local Docker meetup group in the Triangle area by leveraging our existing involvement with Triangle DevOps (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?). Bronto’s Thunderdome was packed for this special meeting, in which Aaron Huslage gave everyone an introduction to Docker.

The Docker meetup group had three more meetings that were kind of spaced out and then just sort of stopped. But this summer, Aaron reached out and asked if Bronto might be willing to host another Docker meetup. Uhhhh, yeah! Of course we would!

So in mid-August, Aaron’s friend Richard Nason gave a talk, aimed at people who were beginners or light on Docker skills, about how they can graduate from using other peoples’ Docker containers to making their own Docker containers, and uploading them to Docker Hub.

CMU8D7RUcAAEwGJThis was a pretty cool talk. It was very accessible to people like me, who maybe hadn’t done a whole lot with Docker yet but were familiar with some of the basic concepts. At the end of it all, we had a working artifact that could be deployed.

After pulling an official base OS image, we went line by line through how to create a Dockerfile that provided the working application we needed. Richard shared pro tips along the way on how to keep the Docker image clean and free of orphaned artifacts in underlying layers.

Toward the close of the talk, he showed us how to segregate application storage into its own container so that the data could be persistent, even if the application container itself was ephemeral.

There were a lot of great questions from a very enthusiastic and curious audience. We’ve seen this before. I think it’s safe to say, if you’re going to give a talk at Bronto, be sure to allow plenty of time for questions.


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