Apache Drill with Keys Botzum

Jeff Turner

Bronto is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Triangle Hadoop Users Group (TriHUG). Now over 400 members, TriHUG regularly hosts speakers from across the country, with topics related to the Hadoop ecosystem and large scale distributed systems in general. Talks are held at Bronto HQ in Durham, NC

Our July TriHUG meetup featured Keys Botzum from MapR Technologies talking shop about Apache Drill. Based on the Google Dremel paper, Drill is an incubating Apache project, led by contributors from MapR, Microsoft, Hortonworks and Oracle, with TriHUG’s own Grant Ingersoll as a mentor.

Drill seeks to provide an open source framework for running SQL queries against various distributed datasources, such as HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB.

Photo Jul 29, 7 18 44 PM
Keys Botzum talks Apache Drill at TriHUG

Keys took us through various use cases for Drill, including interactive querying on schema-less data and the ability to join data across Hive, HBase and HDFS in a single query. Drill has an even more ambitious goal of being ANSI SQL compliant.

You can find a beta release very soon, with a 1.0 GA available  in Q3 2014.

Big thanks to Keys for coming down from Maryland for our talk. For a deeper dive into the architecture and technical composition of Drill, his slides are below:

[slideshare id=33335050&doc=apachecon-forupload-140409135409-phpapp02]


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