Ways to Increase Daily Deal Revenue through Lifecycle Messages

Kestrel Lemen

Recently, I had a great time in London at the first Daily Deal Europe Summit, where I enjoyed meeting daily deal companies across Europe and Asia! At the conference I spoke on automated lifecycle marketing.  I first asked the audience if they wanted to see messages that could perform 100, 300, 700% better than their average daily blast.  Of course they did, but what were these messages and how could daily deal marketers implement them?

Let’s take a quick moment to review the what we are up against in the daily deal email space. Your audience wakes up to an overcrowded inbox everyday. You only have seconds to grab their attention! This is where automated lifecycle messages prove their value. They get contacts to open. Why? Because they are triggered off of specific events in a contact’s lifecycle with you. Maybe they just purchased a deal, or just signed up on your website or maybe they have NOT purchased in a while. These are all important points in your lifecycle with them that you can utilize to drive engagement.

Important to note that these messages only require a one time set up, they work in the background and need to monitored and tweaked as needed. These messages take less time and add to your bottom line. 

Let’s start with the essentials:

Welcome Message

Your first impression with the contact needs to be strong. This message sets the stage for all of your following messages.

Four things to remember with a welcome message

  1. Introduce your self and paint a picture  – this is for simple brand recognition, time to stand out and show your value. Let the contact know what they can look forward too.
  2. BE HELPFUL – Address typical pain points, issues that could cause them to not convert (shipping/returns policy)
  3. Inspire – Give them some EYE CANDY. Can you populate today’s deal? Perfect! If not show some other tantilizeing images!
  4. Incentivize – You can incentivize many different ways, you can do a straight $ or % off the first purchase, or you can let them know about your rewards program and how your program incentivizes as a whole. Offering an incentive in a welcome message typically sees drastically higher open and conversion rates.

Here’s a pro tip for the welcome message: Pitch your social community, if social is something your company does well, then say it loud and proud. Contacts that connect through multiple channels have a higher chance of converting.

Birthday Message

Are you sending out a birthday message? During the conference I was shocked at how many companies were not taking advantage of this simple but effective message.

Think about it, who wants stuff on their birthday? Who usually splurges on their birthday? I know I do, and it’s typically on a product or service that a daily deal would sell (Nice dinner, massage or a trip). A fellow Bronto strategist wrote an excellent post on how effective birthday email messages can drive revenue.

Post-purchase message

Get them itching to purchase again with a post-purchase coupon/special offer.  If they just purchased you are top of mind, so plant the seed for the next conversion:

3 things to remember with a post-purchase coupon:

  1. The term ‘coupon’ can be loosely used here, if you can’t incentivize, then simply thank them and loop in your rewards program
  2. Use a deadline to create sense of urgency if there is a coupon offered
  3. Remind them of all the great deals they could buy

Pro tip for post purchase messages: Retarget those who don’t convert from this post-purchase message reminding them that their coupon expires soon. You can set up the rule so that these coupons only go out on the first purchase

Are any of you sending out any of these messages? If so put a link in the comments, I’d love to see them! That’s all for now. Up next, re-engaging and going up and beyond with your audience.

Kestrel Lemen
Marketing Strategist at Bronto