Top 3 Email Marketing Must Haves for 2014

Emily Keye

As smart marketers we all have a wish list of tactics and strategies that we’d love to have in place in our email marketing program.  You may have checked off some of the items on your wish list in 2013, but there is ALWAYS more to wish for.  There are only so many hours in the day/week/month and time and resources are scarce.  I thought it would be helpful to provide the top three "must haves" for any email marketing program.  This should help you prioritize that wish list for 2014 and create an even more successful year.

1. Responsive Design: Over half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices and that stat keeps increasing.  PC email experience will become a secondary consideration as email is moving to a mobile first channel.  Jump on the responsive design train now!  Make sure that your email messages render well on mobile devices, tablets, etc., as that is where they will be viewed first.  To learn more about responsive design, check out these great resources: Make Your Mobile Emails POP With Responsive Design! by Anna Pfeiffer and our latest whitepaper on how Responsive Design Provides the Perfect Fit.

2. Automation: The term “automation” is music to any email marketers ears.  Set up as much automated Lifecycle Marketing as possible.  Been meaning to get that Welcome Series knocked out?  Do it now!  Welcome, Birthday and Abandon Cart Lifecycle Series are GREAT revenue drivers.  Check out how well these messages can actually perform in Marketing Strategist Fawn Young’s post on 3 Triggered Messages Every Retailer Should Be Sending.

3. Excellent Content: Content marketing has quickly established itself as an important tool for brands, and that trend is expected to develop next year.  We must remember that the amount of content isn’t the key – it’s the quality.  Less will be more in 2014 and images will continue to outperform words for engagement metrics.  No longer will marketers be able to create an email message by slapping up a product image and a buy now button.  Invest in content creation and testing now and make sure it’s relevant and easily shareable.  Marketing Strategist Greg Zakowicz addresses why content testing is a must in his recent post: Are Your Emails Costing You Money? Why AB Content Testing is a Must.

So are you ready to start 2014 with a bang?  If you haven’t already, implement these top three tactics/strategies into your Q1 plan and you’re sure to get what you really wish for (higher engagement and more revenue).

Happy New Year and the best of luck to all smart marketers in 2014!

Emily Keye
Marketing Strategist at Bronto


  • Sending too much email doesn’t means more sales or business. Sending email to active subscribers gives better result. More than 50% users browse the site or read the email through mobile devices, make email easy to view on mobile and other devices. Your tips are awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • I think another must-have for 2014 is employing a recommendation engine to your emails. Think of it as automating your content. Providing your email subscribers with content at a 1:1 level. Works for both a publishing site and ecoommerce sites.

  • Awesome post.Reminding me Think about Mobile as well as other devices. Also the related post about the triggering events is worth reading ! Thanks !

  • Never thought that more then 50% user browse the mail through mobile devices. Are you sure it’s 50%? Seems like fairly large amount.