The Xs and Os of a Successful Valentine’s Day Email Strategy

Kellie Boggs, Senior Marketing Strategist

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With over nine years of experience in developing and growing email and cross-channel marketing programs to drive revenue, Kellie Boggs brings a track record of success in building multi-channel campaigns across a variety of industries. By working one-on-one with clients to understand their business model and goals, she provides strategic marketing guidance to increase revenue. Boggs offers experience in providing clients with industry best practices, message design, campaign optimization, list growth tactics, segmentation strategies and detailed analyses of marketing campaigns. She truly enjoys helping clients build their customer base, grow their email channel and increase revenue! In her spare time, Boggs enjoys chasing her toddler around and the motherhood adventure. She also enjoys attending NC State sporting events with her family.

What warms the heart of a retailer in the dog days of winter more than a holiday? And one of our favorites is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is still quite a big shopping day, so make sure you’re prepared! Here are a few quick tips to help you do just that.

Use a Countdown

As with any other major holiday, including a countdown or timer in your email is a great way to create some urgency around the big day. Remind your subscribers how many days they have left to shop and find the perfect gift for their Valentine before the day of love arrives. This can be something that just lives in your email template right up to the day of. It’s that simple!

Use Segmentation

Segmentation is an easy way to ensure your subscribers receive relevant and timely campaigns.   Consider creating a segment of customers who bought from you last Valentine’s Day and send them a specific reminder or offer. Another segment that tends to perform well is a VIP segment, which includes your most frequent buyers and biggest spenders. I tend to be a procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping, so another easy segment would be identifying those last-minute shoppers. Do this by looking at purchase date in relation to holidays or other special occasions.

Be Creative and Make It Fun

Want a quick and easy way to stand out in the inbox? Use an emoji! Our inboxes tend to be very crowded these days. By including an emoji or two in your subject line, you can draw more attention to your message and give it a better chance of being read. Get your creative juices flowing, and use your subject lines to engage your subscribers and pique their interest in your message. Here are a few fun subject lines that have caught my eye:
Emoji ExamplesAs far as the creative for your email, I recommend using something that will spark subscriber interest. Try an animated gif or add a navigation bar with links to gifts “for her” or “for him,” which points to a landing page with all of your Valentine’s Day merchandise. Or dedicate a section of the email to Valentine’s Day shoppers. This excerpt from an email from francesca’s, speaks to the upcoming holiday, and the calls to action grab my attention as well.

francesca'sThis example from Brook’s Brother’s is great because it specifically calls out gifts for her and then reminds shoppers of their shipping deadlines for the holiday.

Brooks BrothersHave fun this Valentine’s Day, and try a few of these tactics to encourage your subscribers to open your emails and take a peek at your offers for the holiday. If you share the love with shoppers, they might just return the favor.

Need a little more inspiration? Here’s another post with a few creative strategies for a successful Valentine’s Day.


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