Pizza Guys Transform Delivery Into Anticipation, Loyalty and Repeat Business

Steven Lippman, NetSuite

Steven Lippman, NetSuite

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With over 15 years of experience, Steven E. Lippman has spent time working for both order management software providers, as well as hands-on retail operations. Seven years ago, Steven migrated his career to work exclusively with cloud-based software vendors and providers.

Steven lives in New York City, and in his free time, he mystery shops eCommerce retailers, trying to understand who provides the best customer experience both pre- and post-sale.

Retailers can take lessons from the pizza delivery pioneers. As it is, many retailers fail to capitalize on opportunities to engage and delight customers throughout the order and delivery lifecycle. Basic order confirmation emails and links to third-party carrier tracking are now commodities. Retailers need to think outside the (pizza) box to differentiate themselves with more than quick, or even free, shipping and daily delivery updates.

Pizza chains and other delivery restaurants are mastering the art and science of the “transactional touch.” Through text messaging, mobile apps and websites, these innovators keep hungry customers up to date on the status of an order, from the moment it’s placed until it arrives at the door.

For instance: “Your pizza is in the oven.” “Your pizza has left for delivery.” “Your driver should arrive within two minutes.” “Thank you for your order — enjoy your pizza!”

The benefits of transactional touch are many, and they apply to any ecommerce retailer that ships products to its customers. It eliminates customer anxiety and frustration while building excitement. And that drives loyalty and repeat business.

These three techniques can help retailers elevate the customer delivery experience through better order management:

Improve Order Transparency

With warehouse scanning devices and the right order management solution, retailers can alert customers when a product leaves a distribution facility. For a large item, such as a couch or table, retailers can also keep customers happy with real-time updates, narrowing delivery windows anywhere from a full afternoon to say, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

If you do want to leave transactional touch up to your carrier, it’s important to work with carriers that offer a high caliber of real-time order tracking. As most retailers recognize, not all carrier order-tracking systems are created equal. Assessing a carrier’s capabilities from the customer’s perspective is valuable in making order tracking as transparent as possible.

Embed Marketing in the Order Lifecycle

Though order confirmation emails are now standard, not all retailers take advantage of the opportunity to embed marketing outreach in those communications because they lack a single, 360-degree view of customer interactions and order history. Retailers that do highlight related products based on browsing or purchase history can significantly increase site visits and sales.

Invite Customer Follow-ups

An order should not end with delivery. Inviting a customer to review a product, rate order quality, view how-to guides or offer helpful blog posts are all effective techniques to continuously engage customers and build brand loyalty after a product is received.

These are just a few examples of the value of transactional touch and how it can help round out a superior omnichannel experience that gives customers the personalization they want and keeps you top of mind as a customer-focused retailer they’ll want to buy from again.

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