Optimize Your Email Sign-Up to Grow Your List Organically

Caroline Riddle

Bronto’s Director of Marketing Services, Kristen Gregory, recently sat down to address “Ways to Optimize Your Email Sign-Up to Organically Grow Your List” in this short video. Listen as Kristen talks about four powerful tips that have been proven to help grow list size.

Optimize Your Email Sign Up Video

You can also view the video on YouTube.

To recap, you can increase list growth by:

  1. Improving the visibility of the sign-up form. If you’re interested in seeing additional ways to improve the placement of your sign-up form, be sure to read Get the Sign-Up: Stand Out and Entice
  2. Making the sign-up form more eye-catching
  3. Selling the sign-up through language and incentives
  4. Changing to a two-part sign-up.  Kellie Boggs recently wrote about extending a sign-up form to a two-part sign-up form in Get the Sign-Up: Improve the Form

Have you implemented any of the above tactics and seen a noticeable growth in your list size?  If so, please share your experience in the comment section below.