In The Next 10 Minutes: Improve Your List Growth Through Evaluation

Kestrel Lemen

10 minutesAs a marketer you know how important consistent list growth is to your email program. As a busy marketer, it maybe hard to find new ways to grow your list.  In this 10 minute tip, I will show you an often overlooked opportunity to optimize your current email sign-up methods to increase your list size.  Improving organic list growth should always be the first step in growing your list, so take just 10 minutes to give it the boost it needs!

In the next 10 minutes:

  • Go to your website and visit your site as a customer would for the first time.  Simply click from the home page to a product page.  In the less than 5 seconds it took you to do that, did you see an email sign-up?

  • Go through the checkout process, was their an email opt-in/opt-out there?

  • Do a web search for your company name and one of your top products.  When you click through to the landing page do you see an email sign-up anywhere?

  • Go through your highest ranking pages on your website, do they all have an email sign-up form?  Are there other pages that could include an email sign-up? Would a user be able to quickly see and be tempted to sign-up? 

  • Do your sign-up forms stand out and entice? Either with fresh eyes or by asking a colleague or friend to find the sign-up, is it clear and visible?

What’s the Value?

Commonly I find that new clients come to me with either no email sign-up or a very hidden sign-up down at the bottom of their website. Sometimes I see an email sign-up only on the home page. Meaning that once a user navigates away from it, the sign-up is lost. There are some big list growth Dos and Don’ts, but let’s focus on what you could see once you have made some improvements:

By moving the sign-up above the fold and putting it on every page and putting a prechecked sign-up box in check-out a Bronto Strategy Client saw a 348% increase in monthly sign-ups

By moving the sign-up above the fold and putting it on every page another Bronto Strategy Client saw a 516% increase in weekly sign-ups.

By simply moving the sign-up above the fold another Bronto Strategy Client saw a 100% increase in monthly sign-ups.

These changes took time, yes. But the very first step is identifying what and where you need to make changes to your sign up process. Optimize Your Email Sign Up Part 1 by Kristen Gregory goes in greater depth on how to optimize your sign up. Part 2 and Part 3 give you a full picture of not just attracting sign ups but what to do once you have them. 

Take the first step by evaluating your own sign up, it only takes 10 minutes!

Kestrel Lemen
Marketing Strategist at Bronto

  • Hi Kestrel, thanks for a great post. Another great place to check for ease of email sign up is through the company’s Facebook page. Though the majority of people will only see your posts in their newsfeed, the people who come to your page are engaged and want to learn more. Make it easy for them to sign up right there.

    We also posted your piece in our round up of great email news and tips from last week at

  • Kestrel Lemen

    Thanks Lynn, you couldn’t be more right! Checking around your social sites to make sure they are optimized for email sign up is VERY important. It’s low hanging fruit that everyone should try out. I was tempted to put it in, but I wanted to make sure to keep the assignment to under 10 mins ;). Thanks for reposting!

  • I feel like I’m missing something obvious — why is there no email sign-up on a page that emphasizes how important it is to have an email sign-up on every page?

    • Kestrel Lemen

      Hi Christiane,

      You make a good point. Why wouldn’t we have some kind of email sign up on our blog? Well there are lots of types of emails we could send those who read our blog right? A blog reader could be a prospect, a peer, or a current customer. To that end we haven’t pushed any kind of rigorous lead gen sign up on the blog because frankly it doesn’t make a lot of sense. However to your point there are visitors to the blog who simply want to be made aware of new blog content. To that end we have put a email sign up will allow people to receive the newest blog posts. For a B2B company we have many different ways we want to interact with our blog readers. As a writer on the blog and as a strategist, my first and foremost goal is to ensure the quality of the blog posts I produce. You bring up a good point, so we’ll reevaluate which form makes sense and make sure that we follow our own advice and add accordingly.