More than a Fan: How to Drive Followers to Buy

Kestrel Lemen

So you’ve done a great job of driving traffic to your social pages. You’ve got the eye balls all over the place, they are commenting, liking and sharing content. You are paying attention to them and everyone’s happy. But now it’s time to ask yourself? How can I drive direct conversions from my social pages?

Evaluate your audience:

How are contacts using your social pages? Depending on your industry and product this can vary widely.

  • Are they clicking on posts to your site and converting?
    • If so, what’s their AOV?
    • Higher or lower than an average customer?
  • Are they posting to your page?
    • Frequency of posts?
    • Positive or negative?
  • Are they sharing your content?
    • Do they share more information or promotional content?
  • How were your likers/followers acquired?
    • Was it a major incentive or was it for general interest in your social page?

So you’ve done this evaluation process and now you’ve got some idea of how your social following will react to what you push out.

Start testing promotions:

You could run several types of promotions/incentives through your social channels. Remember we’re trying to get a conversion from an audience who can easily go to your site and find products/deals and may already receive your emails, what is something they can’t find on your site? What would make them take notice? That’s up to your audience. Based on what you know about them you could test:

  • Free products
  • Free shipping
  • Discounts
  • New products not yet advertised anywhere else
  • Limited quantity warnings

By making it a social exclusive promotion you can see the reach of the campaign. If you’re including social as a part of a bigger promotion then tracking results back to social can be more complicated.

If you sell a very high price pointed item that has a large and loyal social following you should try  doing a ‘sneak peak’ of new products. This would be a promotion your audience would find valuable because they already have a perceived value of your item and what it will cost so price point isn’t as big of a motivator as having the newest and the coolest thing.

Hypothetically what do you think would be more successful?:

  • Apple giving a small discount on the iPad 2 to their social followers?


  • Apple giving exclusive access to purchase the iPad 3 to their social followers before anyone else?

Tracking results:

There are several ways to track someone’s path along different marketing channels to conversions. Make sure that your social pages are being tracked just as clearly as your most viewed landing pages. Just like any other channel you need to have some way of gauging the results of a campaign. I know some panic at this step, just remember there’s always a starting point. You can start small, maybe try unique coupon codes and see what kind of response you get. Over time you can become more advanced in your data analysis and start to really understand what is working and what’s not working.

If you know you have people who sign up for your emails via Facebook, or share content from your emails to their social channels then segment them out and track their activity. This is a very basic step that must be done in order to do targeted campaigns in the future.

Moving forward with successes:

Speaking of what’s working… I wish I could say do ABC and your guaranteed an improvement X, but let’s face it you need to find your own success. Your brand is unique and so are your consumers, only by trying new things and evaluating their success will you really be able to see how improve your conversion rates through social media. Drop what isn’t working, and keep experimenting on what is working.

Kestrel Lemen
Marketing Strategist at Bronto

  • That is so true, Kestrel. Identifying the biggest motivator for your audience is vital when you are working on your campaign. One thing I learned before I became a bestselling author and long before Inc Magazine voted my company as one of the fastest growing companies is that when it comes to social campaigns, it is important to keep on experimenting until you find that one plan that works well for your business.

  • Kestrel Lemen

    That’s right Daniel, there could be a variety of things that motivate your audience and finding the one that really gets a strong reaction on social can only be done by doing some smart testing. It’s true that certain audiences just want a discount, but I think it’s also true that other audiences want something more unique from a company they choose to like on Facebook. Thanks for the comment.