Keys to Successfully Driving Valentine's Day Purchases

Kellie Boggs, Senior Marketing Strategist

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With over nine years of experience in developing and growing email and cross-channel marketing programs to drive revenue, Kellie Boggs brings a track record of success in building multi-channel campaigns across a variety of industries. By working one-on-one with clients to understand their business model and goals, she provides strategic marketing guidance to increase revenue. Boggs offers experience in providing clients with industry best practices, message design, campaign optimization, list growth tactics, segmentation strategies and detailed analyses of marketing campaigns. She truly enjoys helping clients build their customer base, grow their email channel and increase revenue! In her spare time, Boggs enjoys chasing her toddler around and the motherhood adventure. She also enjoys attending NC State sporting events with her family.

Are you ready for the first holiday of 2014?!  That’s right Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, however if you do not have a plan for the day of love, I do have some quick tips that will help you drive revenue.

Consider Offering Free Shipping

An offer that is sure to win over the hearts of your subscribers for this holiday is free shipping.  According to a survey done by Adroit Digital, shoppers are looking for free shipping offers.  “Nearly two thirds of shoppers would seek out another retailer if free shipping wasn’t an offer and 48% would look further afield if Valentine’s Day specials weren’t offered.”  Check out this email from Apple, where they are offering free shipping on one of their best selling product, the iPad Air.  If you can not offer free shipping across the board, then another idea would be to offer it just on your best selling products.

Apple Email

Highlight your Best Sellers

Make it easy for your subscribers to shop and give them gift ideas by grouping your top products in an email.  Below is an email from C Wonder, who does a great job showcasing their products while giving their subscribers different gift ideas.  I personally like this email because it is quick and scanable and I am not overwhelmed by too many products.

C Wonder Email

Run a Gift Guide Campaign

A gift guide is a great tool to make the online shopping experience easy for your subscribers.  They will be able to see the different products and offers you have available all in one location.  It can also be used a reference for those loved ones that are hard to buy for.  Brooks Brothers sent out a gift guide email based on gender, but remember you can pick whatever gift guide theme you think would be appropriate for your customer base.  It can be a gift guide based on gender, price, or by product interest. 

Brooks Brothers Email


I encourage you to add a more personal touch to your Valentine campaigns this year.  According to Adriot Digital “58% of consumers said their purchase decisions are influenced by online, mobile and tablet ads and personalized ads, in particular, appeal to many with 36% of consumers saying they would be 50% more likely to respond to a personalized ad versus a generic ad.”  This is something to consider this holiday, so run a split test and see if adding personalization to your emails increases your response rates.

I hope you found these quick tips helpful and I would love to hear about the campaigns that you plan to run for Valentine’s.    

Kellie Boggs
Marketing Strategist at Bronto