Integrate Facebook and Pinterest to Keep Fans Engaged

Kellie Boggs, Senior Marketing Strategist

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With over nine years of experience in developing and growing email and cross-channel marketing programs to drive revenue, Kellie Boggs brings a track record of success in building multi-channel campaigns across a variety of industries. By working one-on-one with clients to understand their business model and goals, she provides strategic marketing guidance to increase revenue. Boggs offers experience in providing clients with industry best practices, message design, campaign optimization, list growth tactics, segmentation strategies and detailed analyses of marketing campaigns. She truly enjoys helping clients build their customer base, grow their email channel and increase revenue! In her spare time, Boggs enjoys chasing her toddler around and the motherhood adventure. She also enjoys attending NC State sporting events with her family.

Pinterest is a visual social networking service that has been a hot topic for months now.  It allows you to organize items you like and enjoy by sharing these items on a pinboard.  The question now is how to integrate Pinterest to the other popular social platform, Facebook?  The good news is I have an answer for you and I am going to tell you how to connect these channels and more importantly how to use them both to grow your business.

At Bronto we see higher conversion rates when your buyers are connecting with you through your social outlets.  So, if you are looking for a boost in revenue, traffic, and exposure for your brand, this integration is something you don’t want to pass up!  For more information on how to use Pinterest in your marketing campaigns you can visit this recent blog post, Stick a Pin on it: Pinterest strategies for Email Marketing and e-commerce.

To integrate Pinterest with Facebook, go to your settings in Pinterest and click on “Link to Facebook.”  By enabling this you now have the option to share the pins you created with Facebook.  If you would like your pins automatically added to your Facebook timeline click “Add to Facebook Timeline.”


On Facebook you can create a custom Pinterest tab where you can then create boards on various topics without even leaving Facebook.  Your fans can see your content and then like or pin based on what interest them.  How cool is that?!

There is a way to add Pinterest as a dedicated tab without any coding involved and there are several ways you can do this.  Check them out below:

The first way is the easiest of adding the Pinterest tab to your Facebook.  However, the content will be cut off on the right side, meaning your users will have to scroll left to right to see your full boards. 

  • Login as the admin of your Facebook page and add the static iFrame tab,
  • Once the app has installed you will now have a tab called “Welcome” and you can edit the setup of this tab.
  • Click the newly created “Welcome” tab and authorize app.
  • Click on Settings, then you want to select the “Page Source” as URL, type in the URL of your Pinterest page (ex:
  • Now click on “view tab” in the right hand corner and you can see what your tab will actually look like.

For a more professional look I recommend you use a third party, such as Woobox, which is another free option for you to add Pinterest as a dedicated tab.  Woobox will show your Pinterest board without any side scrolling involved, while also providing analytics for page views, visits, and likes.

To get started go to and click the “install Pinterest tab” button.  Then, follow the on screen prompts.

Once you have picked the option that is best for you, you then need to spread the news to all of your customers.  To do this I encourage you to link to your Pinterest tab in a post on Facebook, mention it on your blog, send a dedicated email, and/or announce it on your website.  Combining Pinterest and Facebook is a great way to get a closer look into your customer base, their interests, and gain more exposure for your website.  Tie this social interaction back to your marketing campaigns.  Include features like “Most pinned” as part of your product page and use “Find out what’s pinworthy” in your email campaigns.  Utilize this great social data to determine what your customers like to help drive revenue.  If you’re already completed the integration, I’d love to hear what results you’re seeing so please comment below!

Kellie Boggs
Marketing Strategist at Bronto

  • Kellie – Woobox is the way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  • Shelly1980

    Great article and a great reference to Woobox. SEO Bounty is helping clients get more integrated in Social SEO using Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Google ratings and updates show it is the way to go. Woobox is a simple tool to use. What company doesn’t want to get “pinned” by a follower? Although Pinterest is used by many, it is truly a phenomenon for women ages 25-54. Over 87% of Pinterest users are women.