Harness the Power of Social for Personalization and Cart Recovery

AddShoppers, Bronto Partner

AddShoppers, Bronto Partner

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The social login is king in terms of data collection. It’s a real no-brainer for online marketers for three main reasons:

  1. Higher conversion rates: Clicking (or tapping) a button is easier than filling out a form.
  2. Increased data quality: With social login, brands pull customer profile data directly from the network(s) they connected with (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), which should result in less fake data from your customers.
  3. Better data points: In addition to an email address, you can collect rich data, such as full name, birthday, gender, profile images, revenue driven, and more – all with one click.

The data you can obtain from social login is wonderful, but have you ever thought about what it means for your company in terms of cart recovery and personalization across your emails and website?

Here’s where things really get interesting. Once collected, this data can also be passed into any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Email Service Provider (ESP) or on-site marketing platform for smarter segmentation.

The result? An ecommerce experience that provides a true one-to-one experience for your site visitors and higher engagement for your company. For example, you can start serving a separate experience to customers with a birthday in the current month or show men’s or women’s products depending on gender.

So let’s discuss this concept of collecting data and using it to further personalize the shopper experience by applying it to two key aspects of your marketing: email acquisition and cart recovery.

Email Acquisition

Capturing customer email addresses can be difficult, especially if you make them fill out a lengthy form.

What if all customers had to do instead was click a “Connect with Facebook” button? It’s much easier, so they’re more likely to do it. Either way, you are able to capture the email address, and the Facebook data.
Pop-Up ExampleThink about the modal pop-ups that most marketers use – the standard “Enter your email for 10% off your first order” offer, for example. Now, imagine what that offer looks like when displayed on a smartphone. In this case, customers may be more likely to close out instead of completing the form because typing an email address is so cumbersome on a small smartphone keyboard.

This is where social login can help. It eliminates that step. Not only can it help you acquire more subscribers, but as we said, you’ll capture more detailed customer data you can use to create more personalized, dynamic email marketing campaigns that drive more opens and clicks.
Pop-Up with Social

Cart Recovery

Losing sales at the last minute is frustrating. Customers make it all the way to checkout, but for some reason, don’t convert. Using social login for account creation during the checkout process can do wonders for reducing abandonment and establishing higher conversion rates, especially on mobile. One client, Mary Maxim, saw that over 10% of their orders were placed by customers who utilized social login. And another client sees a 49% higher conversion rate from traffic that opts for social login!

Remember: Once someone connects via social login, the rich data you’ve collected can be put to use immediately. For example, you can trigger personalized onsite cart abandonment campaigns that dissuade the shopper from leaving. Let’s illustrate this concept, using a modal pop-up that triggers when a potential customer abandons their cart.

This modal can be personalized based on the data collected (name, profile photo, birthday, gender, and more) and segmented based on data such as cart value, site activity, geographic location and more.

The offer promoted in this modal can be a coupon code, free shipping offers, free promotional item, or many other options. So, does it work? We’ve seen that personalization has generated up to a 9.7% increase in conversion rate to a sale.

PersonalizationIf you’ve been looking to breathe some life into your email acquisition and/or cart recovery campaigns, consider adding social login to give it a boost. If you’re already using social login, make sure you’re pulling the data you really need and using it across all of your campaigns. Keep growing!

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